automatic deletion of temporary files

  Qmar 02:10 25 Feb 2003

create a .bat file (with notepad ):

"DELTREE /Y c:\temp\*.*

DELTREE /Y c:\windows\temp\*.* "

right click to choose>program >close on exit.

place in programs folder shortcut in startup folder under programs in windows.
( please take care using deltree command! backup!)

...what do you think? become cleansed at startup.

  beeuuem 03:33 25 Feb 2003

Why not just use the option to empty the temporary file folder on exit in 'security'in IE or empty the disk cache on exit in Opera ?

  watchful 06:33 25 Feb 2003

In XP use Tools/Int.Options/Advanced tab and scroll down to security & tick the box saying 'automatically delete temp. int. files.'

  MAJ 09:46 25 Feb 2003

And be very, very careful when using DELTREE, you could easily wipe your hard drive, if you get things wrong.

Qmar, and anyone else thinking of using this. I would like to point out that often when you install new software it will write files to the temp directory. Now if that software needs a reboot to finish it's install, you will erase the files it needs to finish off when you reboot.

Now at best you will have a corrupt software install, but what if that program was changing something else?? You could end up with a right old mess!!!

I would suggest that if you wish to use the batch file, simply run it manually when you know it's safe to do so.

Regards. Mr. Mouse.

  Andÿ 11:39 25 Feb 2003

Listen to Mr. Mouse he talketh much sense.....

  Taran 12:21 25 Feb 2003

This link: click here shows the nuts and bolts of batch files and registry modification for temp files. You can automate these methods safely for Internet temp files, cookies and for modifying the registry to remove your recent documents, typed URLs and similar.

As pointed out above, automating removal of Temp files is another story entirely and can cause its own brand of mischief, so if you must dabble, stick with cleaning your Internet and recent documents histories.

  Qmar 20:21 25 Feb 2003

point taken-thank you to 'PCA-megabrain'. [I'll only use it manually.]

  Taran 15:47 26 Feb 2003

'PCA-megabrain' ?

  Qmar 01:09 27 Feb 2003


..Poetic license.. We are all neuronally connected via this forum ;¬) LOL

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