Automatic up-dates

  carolineann 12:05 27 Aug 2004

Hi everyone,

I need to switch my MS updates off.

Could someone remind me how.

thank you.

  CurlyWhirly 12:15 27 Aug 2004


  carolineann 15:07 27 Aug 2004

Thanks for that.

Regards Caroline.

  Jackcoms 15:12 27 Aug 2004



  carolineann 15:21 27 Aug 2004

I am on AOL dial up, and because my computer is so slow on the internet., Aol help, suggested that it may be because of SP2 being downloaded.

What do you think?

  Jackcoms 17:03 27 Aug 2004

Have you already downloaded and installed SP2 or are you in the process of downloading?

I fail to see why having auto updates enabled should slow down your PC.

If you have already installed SP2, I suggest that a bit of housekeeping may help.

Run your AV software, run your anti-spyware software and run CCleaner (a marvellous bit of free kit which safely cleans out any unused and temporary files from your system) click here .

Finally, defrag your PC. See if that helps.

I downloaded SP2 more than a week ago with no ill effects. My PC is certainly NOT running any slower on the internet (but I do use BB!).

  carolineann 17:46 27 Aug 2004

All av, adaware, etc,etc, up todate and run every day.The system is clean.

this is the advice from AOL

All users should be aware that when they download this update, or if they have the Automatic Updates feature turned on, they may find that their Internet connection slows down, because the update is using some of the connection in the background.

For this reason, we suggest that dial-up users try to obtain the update on a CD rather than download it - it is being made available on a number of magazine cover mounts or can be ordered direct from Microsoft.

Dial-up users should be aware that if they have the Automatic Updates feature turned on, it may attempt to download a very large file (potentially over 200Mb), which could take a long period of time and make their connection extremely slow.

  Jackcoms 18:35 27 Aug 2004


OK, but I'm still not sure exactly what you're asking!

Have you already installed SP2? If so, and your PC now runs slowly on the internet, I think others more knowledgeable than me should help you.


Are you still deciding whether to download it or install it from a CD? If so, I suggest using the CD - it'll take ages on dial-up. It took me about 70 minutes on BB. click here

  CurlyWhirly 19:00 27 Aug 2004

I am not trying to be funny but have you not thought about upgrading to broadband?
If you currently can't get it did you know that BT have scrapped the distance limits for the 512 kb service?
They are updating their online checkers at click here
on 6th September 2004.
I am currently on the 512 kb service and I am so pleased with my broadband connection that I am upgrading to the 1 mb service if I can get it then as currently I live too far away for the 1 mb service but I am hoping and praying that I will be able to upgrade!

  carolineann 19:18 27 Aug 2004

Thanks for your reply. All I was asking was how to turn off automatic updates. I have done this , and everything is now back to normal. I did not want to download sp2 ..

I am quite happy to wait for the cd.


Thanks for the link.

Yes I am going to go for broadband.

Just waiting for daughter to leave home so I dont have to bother with networking two computers.

Should be within the next few weeks.

So I will probably be wanting advise then.

Not sure whether to stay with aol or try elsewhere

  CurlyWhirly 19:27 27 Aug 2004

You will NEVER go back to dial-up when you have used a broadband connection trust me!
Good luck with it when you upgrade.
As regards staying with AOL in my opinion it is whether you want to go for a cheap package with download limits or pay a bit more (in the case of AOL) and have unmetered access.

If I am able to upgrade to 1 mb I will probably stay where I am at AOL but I haven't decided yet!

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