automatic backing up

  slac 15:58 25 Sep 2005

Windows xp home has been closing me down mid operation and immediately starting me back up again.Someone told me that I should have a back up hard drive in case my hardware fails.
Anyway I am concerned that I forget to back up files etc onto disc so would like a usb plug in device to do it every day.
I would appreciate any thoughts and recommended devices as I am rather new to all this
Thank you

  De Marcus™ 16:11 25 Sep 2005

I can personally recommend click here one button push and your backed up.

  slac 17:44 26 Sep 2005

Thanks for this info;it looks like some machine.Would a usb plug in memory stick do the same thing?
Do either of them back up automatically?

  De Marcus™ 20:23 26 Sep 2005

It's essentially a hard drive in a case, with plenty of room for backing up your system, unlike a flash drive which at the moment couldn't possibly hope to hold enough info to back up your windows installation, settings, files and folders etc ready to restore your pc back to working order.

A usb drive is ok for backing up your most important data such as some photos, word docs, spreadsheets etc, however should the worst happen you'll have to go through the process of reinstalling your operating system, programs', etc. It's also handy for transferring files here and there as it's very portable.

A hard drive solution such as the one i linked to in my previous post will let you back up everything, so if and when everything goes pearshaped, there's no installing windows, files, folders etc, you simply get everything back as it was by loading your backup file from the supplied software (in the form of an image file). It will also let you use it as a 2nd hard drive, so for example if your backup consists of a 10gb file, that will leave you with a 240gb of storage!

As for doing it automatically, all you have to do is as the sugababes say 'push the button' (sorry)

  freaky 20:52 26 Sep 2005

I will "backup" De Marcus™ on his reply, excellent piece of kit. I have the 80MB version which I have had about 18 months.

If you don't want to pay as much as the model in the link, then go for a lower capacity model.

Suggest you do a Google search as there are plenty of stockists around.

  freaky 21:01 26 Sep 2005

I will add a note to my post above. I use the Maxtor plus Acronis True Image 8.0. You can use Acronis to backup your HD by creating images, or Clone your existing HD to the Maxtor.

If you do a Clone, and your HD goes down, then in conjunction with Acronis you can boot from the Maxtor which has a complete duplicate of your HD!

  De Marcus™ 21:07 26 Sep 2005

yes the maxtor is kinda pricey, an alternative which i use on a laptop is a freecom external usb 2.0 30gb drive which can be had for as litle as £50 plus acronis true image and your sorted. You could also use dvd's to back up your system which is a slower but equally effective method. (doesn't allow for incremental backup)

  slac 08:04 27 Sep 2005

It is all becoming clear now!
Thank you both so much for taking time out.I will do belt and braces and copy all the system i think;just need to remember to press the sugababe,ooops sorry button

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