Automated emails

  k_g2000 20:43 23 Feb 2003

Hi, I'm unable to receive automated emails using outlook/Microsoft express. I can receive them through my hotmail account, I have tested the settings for my pop3 account and they are fine. Also I’m finding myself having to refresh the help room forum page to receive new postings. Any ideas k_g2000.

  Stuartli 20:48 23 Feb 2003

We all have to refresh the forum pages to receive new postings - you only download the current page.

That's why people often post a message only to be surprised that there are several unexpected postings before them - it happens on occasions whilst typing your posting.

  MAJ 20:50 23 Feb 2003

Unless you're reading another post and use the back button, the page automatically refreshes. What do you mean by Automated emails?

  k_g2000 20:51 23 Feb 2003

Thanks Stuartli, One problem solved.

  k_g2000 21:05 23 Feb 2003

Hi MAJ, By automated emails, I mean an instant email response from another computer. For example ordering goods online or registering, you get an instant email response with a password or ordering confirmation.

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