Automated Backup software over Network.

  barflux 07:57 17 Jun 2003


I am looking for some software to back up two desktops and a laptop in my home. I have no server, but I have a network installed, and want to automatically backup each computer on another, so that a copy is made on another computer. I have very large hard drives on each computer, so space is not a issue. I mainly want to backup data files, not system files.

Been looking at Powerquest, Dantz, Retrospect, Veritas, but still unsure which to get. Veritas said I need I server which I don't have, so that is out.

Appreciate the help

  fitshase 10:03 17 Jun 2003

Have you tried MS Backup?

You don't mention what O.S you are running but I am running XP pro on a laptop and desktop which are on a network.

I load up MS Backup (free with Windows) and run through the wizard specifying what files I want to back up, then it asks for a location.

I have a directory shared on my desktop called "backup". I simply specify this directory to back the files up to and it works fine.

You can also set a schedule for when the backups take place.



  Granger 10:07 17 Jun 2003

I downloaded loads of free trials and decided on Handy Backup. It lets you use network locations, external drives etc. You can backup or synchronise the actual files rather than creating a single huge image file which MS Backup does, which lets you exchange data between the computers.

as fitchase says MS backup is a useful tool, if you dont like or have that then i'd recommend norton ghost.

  Granger 11:04 17 Jun 2003

I also use ghost occasionally for creating known good images, but I find it a bit clumsy for just data files.

  barflux 11:16 17 Jun 2003

I don't trust MS Backup. I used to have my computer on Windows 2000 Pro, and encountered twice systemced.sys error, rendering my hard drives useless (something to do with Norton Anti-Virus 2003 Pro). Though I had made manual backups of my data, I did not lose anything but it is the hassle.

MS Backup in Windows 2000 is useless, warning others, it never worked after I formated from the first time and had installed everything from fresh. All it did was restore the data files, but not the system state (even though I had chosen it).

I now have everything on XP Pro, each computer is backuped on themselves and manually transfered across via PcAnywhereand and soon on to DVD. I have not setup the network through Mircosoft yet. Was not never too sure how to do it. But I find PcAnyhere more useful as you can control, file-transfer, print across the network from any computer.

That said, what do these other software companies provide that MS Backup doesn't. I am not looking for a drive image, as I believe once it screwed, there is no point trying to fix it, as it will only get worse, thus format and re-install, is the best option. Only takes four hours for me.

  fitshase 12:47 17 Jun 2003

Setting up the network in Win XP Pro is a doddle:-

- On your main machine, go to control panel\network and internet connections\setup a home network

- Follow the wizard

It will be a lot easier than using PCAnywhere once the network is set up. You share the printers on the network and then you can simply print from within an application by selecting the networked printer.

If you still want to control the PC like in PCAnywhere, there is a program in Win XP (Pro only) called Remote Desktop Connection.



  Foolsbane_1 12:55 17 Jun 2003

NeoBack may do what you require. Free from click here

  Foolsbane_1 13:00 17 Jun 2003

This is probably better click here

  Evolution 13:02 17 Jun 2003


This might help you out.

Very simple and free !!

click here


  barflux 14:58 17 Jun 2003

Cheers to all,

I will try the programs and set up my network properly through Microsoft, Just never got round to puting the floppy in the other computers to set the network up.

Foolsbane_1, Evolution
Just one thing though how good are the programs.

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