Autoexec.bat and Config.sys on a WinXP boot disk

  DannyOH 10:16 09 Feb 2005

Hi Guys.

Attempting to create a versatile version of a Boot Floppy for Windows XP, I am following Peter Norton's advice in his "Complete Guide to Windows XP". (Don't you know that when somebody puts the word "complete" in the title of a book you are asking for disappointment!)

Anyway, on the top of page 605, he advises:

" he case of AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS you'll need to add new versions to the disk".

What on earth does this mean?

There are no copies of those two files on my system. (Does it mean in my case that I should simply create empty files of those names--witin Notepad--and add these to the boot floppy?

He also advises we include an "FDISK.COM" FILE.

Never heard of it, and can't find it anywhere. (Could this be a typo for FDISK.EXE?)

Also, he recommends (on his p. 99) we include a "FORMAT.DEBUG" file

Never heard of that either--and can't fnd it anywhere. (Don't know what I would use it for, either.)



  SANTOS7 10:23 09 Feb 2005

click here should get what you need from here,good luck.........

  pj123 10:43 09 Feb 2005

Alternatively, go here and download a ready made boot disk.

click here

  DannyOH 12:59 09 Feb 2005

Thanks for the input Santos7, but the page is for systems that have not got the facility for booting from a CDROM (do such dinosaurs exist anymore?)--and further recommends that any system that has the facility use an alternative method. (I assume they mean the usual boot CD. Back to Square One.)

You too, PJ123. Thanks anyway, but the link you supplied is dead.

Anybody out there with an answer to my specific questions?


  ACOLYTE 13:05 09 Feb 2005

pj123's link works ok for me,have you tried the Microsoft site they have a utility for making xp boot up floppies it takes 6 floppies to make.
Fdisk.exe is what i think is meant and im not sure but the debug file is created after a format
if there are errors with it.

  pj123 14:00 09 Feb 2005

What do you mean by "dead". I have just tried it and it is working fine. I always check any link I suggest anyway.

I have just checked the boot disk that I use (from and all the files you mention (except format.debug) file, which I have never heard of, apart from the format being wrong. A DOS format is 8.3 (you can't have more than 3 characters after the . bit, so the .debug being 5 characters is wrong.

I suggest you throw the book into the nearest bin.

  DannyOH 22:26 09 Feb 2005

Sory PJ, Not your fault of course, but the link's not working for me. Guess I've got a bug somewhere.

Yeah. Strange thing about the "format.debug"; a five character tail. Doesn't make sense to me either. Have to say that other than these anomalies though, the book is a fair one as those things go.

Not all that concerned about the format.debug thing. Much more inerested in knwoing what I am supposed to do about the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys. Never knew how to make sense of their content.

All the best,

  pj123 11:28 10 Feb 2005

In the days of DOS autoexec.bat and config.sys, were quite lengthy files, giving instructions on how to boot, (rather like win.ini) but windows doesn't need them anyway.

If you delete them and reboot, windows will make another set.

I still reckon you would be better off with a readymade bootdisk and even though you have XP I would recommend the Win98SE bootdisk.

  DannyOH 12:53 10 Feb 2005

Thansk. I'll consider it.

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