Auto update to Firefox 3.02 won't connect to net?

  alternator 11:03 27 Sep 2008

I let one of my computers (XP sp2) autoupdate to firefox 3.02 and when it restarted I could only get page would not load messages. I could still get on the net via IE and Skype would work. I tried a restore then FF would not start up, I just got the message FF had an error and had to close,Can we send to MS etc. I uninstalled FF completly using Mozilla website suggestions how to do it. reinstalled, No joy! I then tried XP update to sp3 and then even IE would not go on the internet.
I have done another restore, so I am back to XP sp2 FF 3.02 installed but not connecting, IE connecting to net fine. Skype connecting fine.
Any help gratefully accepted

  baldydave 12:24 27 Sep 2008

in firefox go to tools/options/advanced/click on network tab/connection/settings - make sure no proxy is picked.
Also check your firewall is not blocking firefox as it is a new version it might not allow connection

  sunny staines 13:25 27 Sep 2008

ff3.0.2 has a fault re passwords which may be blocking your connection via firewall.

delete and update to f/fox 3.0.3.

  alternator 17:38 27 Sep 2008

baldy thanks I tried that, but I didn't want to put it in the original thread, as I thought everyone would get bored, thanks for the thought though.
Thank sunny will give it a try and report back

  alternator 18:41 27 Sep 2008

Sunny no that still gives the problem with not accessing web pages. I can confirm again that no proxy is picked. All other internet seems to work still IE skype etc. Will have a closer look at zone alarm, but will have to be tomorrow now.
Thanks again all

  alternator 17:57 28 Sep 2008

Can anyone unravel this one. As baldydave suggested I was going to have a look at the firewall. I thought I had Zone alarm running. However there is no Z in the sys tray. So I selected Start-> All programs and it is not listed. If I go to Control Panel->Security centre and click on Firewall it says Zone Alarm is active and protecting the system. Windows Firewall is off. If I go to Control Panel-> Add/Remove programs Zone Alarm is listed as a size of 9.41mb Used rarely Last used 19/01/06.
I can only assume I must have unistalled ZA because of some previous fault and not reinstalled. But if that is the case, how come the security centre is telling me ZA is protecting the system?

  sunny staines 19:13 28 Sep 2008

delete zone alarm and goto comodo free firewall
click here

zone alarm can be problematic at times.

then reinstall firefox.

  alternator 19:41 28 Sep 2008

will try comodo and see if It helps with the FF problem.

  alternator 20:26 29 Sep 2008

I removed Zone Alarm and installed Comodo and now Fire/F 3.0.3 works like a dream. Thanks for your input sunny, much obliged.

  alternator 20:28 29 Sep 2008


  Stuartli 21:58 29 Sep 2008

I switched to Comodo Firewall Pro about four months ago after using ZA (free) for several years.

Far superior I discovered. See also:

click here

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