auto-saving a document??possible?

  end 15:28 01 Aug 2004

windows 98SE, IE6;am putting a very long document onto my computer and am pressing "save" every so often; ??is there a way of getting the thing to "automatically save" as I am typing it so that I can just "type-away" without the worry OF remembering to "save" it???

  bremner 15:30 01 Aug 2004

Are you using a word processing application?

  VoG II 15:32 01 Aug 2004

In Word, Tools/Options, Save tab and tick the relevant boxes (including AutoRecovery and select a suitable time interval).

Sorry to be a bit vague; the exact options depend on your version of Word.

  end 15:35 01 Aug 2004

have been looking for my version OF word and at present cannot locate it.....

  bremner 15:37 01 Aug 2004

Under Help in the menu bar is 'About Word' this will tell you what version it is.

  VoG II 15:37 01 Aug 2004

Look on the Help menu for "About" or "About Microsoft Word" or similar - that will tell you the version.

However if you look on the Save tab it should be fairly intuitive as to what to set.

  end 15:47 01 Aug 2004

Word 2000; have located "save autorecovery info" and it is set at every 10 minutes at present....which I never knew about!!so...I need to reduce that to about one minute!!??will it then DO a save automatically and will it tell me it HAS saved it??

and??what does one mean by a "word processing application"??
my Dragon Naturally speaking WONT ( it "got lost" with my last major disaster and refuses to reinstall corectly (it is on another thread somewhere));

I have the "joy" of typing away here until the job is done, and saved correctly wih spelling and grammer ( I know where that is thanks!!!!)

  bremner 15:51 01 Aug 2004

It does a recovery save every minute in the file stipulated in the File Locations section of the Options.

Once you have finsihed working on the document and properly saved it the Autorecovery File is automatically deleted.

You should do a test and ensure it is working as you want before relying on it though.

  end 16:06 01 Aug 2004

so,if I reduce the selection of savign to one minute manually.....

and are you saying that , with the autosave, at the end of the document, I have to manually save the entire thing; so, what if I stop and start the document, as I will not get it done in "one sitting",,,,

  VoG II 16:20 01 Aug 2004

You should always click on Save before you quit Word (Assuming that you want to save your work). In fact, Word should prompt you to do this.

I have mine set to save every 5 minutes which I find to be sufficiently frequent.

  end 16:30 01 Aug 2004

(very "tongue in cheek"!)I"m not doing this for the fun of it!!and it would "help" to find that it is "saved" at the end of all this effort ; but, as you rightly say, it will ask me to "save changes" at the end of my session ( or shoudl do!!)

but, the auto-save; I have been trying to find some settign on control pannel sounds to "enable" to tell me that the autosave has "worked"....and so far luck....

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