auto run and DMA

  Fitto 16:27 11 Sep 2005

My auto run has packed up! I have also installed Roxio My DVd & Slide Show VCD. In looking at the device manager and making sure my tick box for auto play was ticked. I found where DMA was! Is there some conflice between DMA and auto run? Is the whole thing coincidence? Many of my CDs did Auto run, they do not now. Help appreciated, Fitto.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 11 Sep 2005

Windows XP autorun repair wizard (free)

"Windows XP was designed to make it simpler to identify content on CDs or DVDs, and assist in launching the correct program to open or view the files. For example, insert a movie DVD and Windows XP should show options for programs that can play a DVD. Unfortunately things can go wrong - settings get altered and the autorun no longer wants to be your friend. This free tool can help diagnose and repair autorun problems in XP. It is a tiny download and doesn't require installation. Simply double-click the exe file, click a few buttons (OK, some options are a little cryptic) and you can change or repair your Windows XP autorun options."
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 11 Sep 2005

PS If this were in the helproom, help might be more forthcoming :-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:58 12 Sep 2005

I have had autorun fail on me in the past so have downloaded the program for possible future use.

  Fitto 20:03 12 Sep 2005

Sorry, I think I failed to mention an important thing. I am running Win 98SE. Fitto.

  swapper 22:59 14 Sep 2005

I seem to remember reading in the Helproom that
Roxio can cause this problem. Look in the helproom.

  Fitto 20:56 15 Sep 2005

I am thick, sorry. What I am trying to say is that no CD auto runs. All other things work OK. Fitto.

  Totally-braindead 21:55 15 Sep 2005

Its been a little while since I used 98 so if I'm wrong forgive me. Go to My Computer right click on the CD or DVD drive and look for an option for autoplay. Sorry but I can't remember exactly how to do this cos I've been on XP for a while. Somethings just popped in to my head it may be called Auto Insert Notification.

  Forum Editor 22:48 15 Sep 2005

and I'll move it there now.

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