auto-renewal con or is it ?

  firebirdb 18:29 14 Apr 2015

Just been notified by "Mcafe" that they have taken £79 out of my account using their "auto-renewal practice, when I originally bought this protection, it was £29.99 so the renewal should have been the same price ,yes ? They said they notified me 45 days before the payment day , they did not, they have since sent me a letter saying I can get a refund, is this normal practice? is £79 a lot ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 14 Apr 2015

I wouldn't pay for McAfe!

Uninstall it get your money back.

There are better and cheaper Avs if you want to pay

the best free one at the moment is Avast.

  bretsky 19:52 14 Apr 2015

Hi, I had this with another product which I purchased last year at the discounted price, this time around which was on an "auto renewal" basis, they clobbered me for the full whack, they notified me two weeks ago by email and informed me that I could cancel the auto renewal at anytime before the transaction due date which I did from their web site. But getting back to your situation, £79 seems a lot, I have Nod32 v8 A/V on 2 computers for £50 for 2 years which I purchased last August. I would do what FB suggested and do a bit of research, plenty of good one's out there, paid for and free. A lot of these software products are on subscription basis now with product updates OR you pay a little bit extra which covers you for lifetime updates with no time restrictions.

  robin_x 20:35 14 Apr 2015

I've heard horror stories for some but I believe now that many companies won't quibble.

I've had two 30 day amazon Prime 30-day Trials which I've ticked the Do Not Renew checkbox on without any problems.

Then last year, I got an email reminding me to use my Prime Instant Streaming membership.

I checked and I did indeed have it and £79 had gone from my bank account 6 months previously.

I cancelled online and was refunded without fuss.

  bumpkin 21:12 14 Apr 2015

Anything that you have to cancel or (opt out of) is a con to my mind. You should be asked if you want to renew not have it done automatically. Should be illegal. My car insurance is renewed automatically but I receive E mails and a letter through the post well in advance, asking me if I agree to it or not.

  BT 08:15 15 Apr 2015

"You should be asked if you want to renew not have it done automatically"

You normally have the choice when you first take the Service/Insurance/Subscription. Sometimes its convenient to have the service. I have my TV license renewed automatically annually as its something that needs to be done. I used to have my Green Flag on automatic renewal but cancelled it when I got 'Free' RAC cover with my annual service from Desira. It was just a matter of phoning them and requesting the cancellation.

I have a McAfee subscription for 3 devices which works out at about 50p a week per device which I don't think is excessive. The £29.99 initial purchase price seems to apply to most of the paid for protection software. Its often for just 1 year for 1 device, and I suppose this is a sort of 'Loss Leader' promotion usually, as is the 'Free' version with new computers which usually only lasts for a month or so, when they hope you will pay to continue.

I always get an Email from McAfee before the renewal which gives the option to cancel or change the subscription.

  stevethetester 17:52 16 Apr 2015

Hi Auto renewal is basically a way for a/v vendors to pull back the discounted offers available elsewhere; just think car insurance on this one.Auto renewal is always very very expensive; look at:click here for the best buys-they are a lot lot cheaper. The only safe way to avoid this is to log on to your account and cancel the auto renewal as soon as you purchase it. I had the same issue a couple of years ago with Bitdefender (nightmare software) who are famous for this legalized "rip-off". I contacted them direct and threatened them with trading standards as well as the press and I had a full refund within the day.Suggest that you do the same. Incidentally I hold a full 1 year licence for McAfee Total Security 2015 but have since purchased (for the 2nd year running-no auto renew issues on this) Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 (3 user licence £24.99) which provides far better protection than McAfee or the majority of other solutions available-please check out the independent tests to confirm this. Hope this helps and good luck. Steve

  robin_x 22:23 16 Apr 2015

Also be careful of products that you think are single payment but are actually multiple payment on same debit or credit card.

I've seen a recent complaint about Hair and Beauty Products (eg nono hair removal system)

£70 as a present. But £210 over 3 months in the small print.

Can also apply to Coffee purchases.

Bit off topic I know, but be attentive.

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