Auto login problem

  greybeard 19:31 25 Mar 2008

As the site has obviously had a makeover, I wasn't surprised to find that my user profile details had lost this tick from the box.

When I ticked it, without making any other changes, the next page now tells me that my username is being used by someone else !
Nice one.
How do I get round that one please.
John aka greybeard

  bluto1 19:38 25 Mar 2008

Same here. I just came to helproom and find that without logging in I can post to it. Rum 'un

  greybeard 20:29 31 Mar 2008

Well the general lack of response seems to indicate that no one else is bothered by the lack of auto login.
Perhaps it's a convenience that has had its day, but I'm always saddened by "improvements" that are retrograde.
If anyone can point out my error, and there is a way to auto login, I'd be a happy man.

  Sea Urchin 21:56 31 Mar 2008

I can still auto login as always.

  greybeard 22:44 31 Mar 2008

Hi Sea Urchin.
Like I said in the #1, if I go to the "My Profile" page to update the auto login box, it tells me that "that nickname is already taken" - treating me as a new user.
I've just repeated the process in front of my wife, just to make sure age wasn't getting the better of me, and she agreed that the result is crazy.
I used to use the auto login, but not having been here for some time, I noticed the layout had been updated. As a consequence of that the auto login box wasn't ticked it seems.
And now I can't change it. :[

  Sea Urchin 22:53 31 Mar 2008

So have you had to change your nickname to be posting now - presumably at the top of the Forum page it says "Welcome greybeard" in which case you are signed in. You can click that to get to your profile. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding.

  woodchip 23:03 31 Mar 2008

Try deleting you Cookies then see what happens when you try to refresh the page

  greybeard 23:14 31 Mar 2008

Yes, slight misunderstanding.
I don't have any problems signing in manualy with my original name and password.
What I can't do is to tick the auto login box, and have the forum accept that I am me - even though I am already logged in.

I'm not sure if deleting any existing cookies will make any difference, as I do that regularly as a form of "housekeeping" anyway.

I'd be interested in hearing from FE on this one.

  greybeard 23:16 31 Mar 2008

Sorry woodchip, my old eyes missed your name in my haste, and I'd got yours and Sea Urchins posts melded into one.

  greybeard 15:12 05 Apr 2008

Still no change. I can't get this site to accept my wish to use the auto login.

  Sea Urchin 16:48 05 Apr 2008

Sorry to hear you are still having the problem - as a matter of interest did you ever contact the Forum Editor? If you did presumably they couldn't help either.

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