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  applecroc 08:49 28 Sep 2006

Please can anyone help?
We had to reinstall all our software after our computer went down and start afresh.
The problem is that every new search for anything is bringing up all previous searches by all family members. This is happening on Google, Yahoo, o2 just everything,
We try and respect each others privacy, but with this happening you can see all others have looked at on each search engine.
Is there someway I can disable this?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:50 28 Sep 2006

Normally, IE6 attempts to automatically type in web addresses after you begin typing in a few characters. Depending on your setup, IE6 may also try to automatically complete forms and passwords for you as well. While this may seem useful at times, in other instances this automatic completion can be downright annoying.

To turn this feature off, click the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options". From the multi-tabbed dialog box that follows, select the "Content" tab. Click the "AutoComplete" button. An "AutoComplete Settings" dialog box appears. Now, check or uncheck the options you would like. For example, to stop IE6 from automatically entering in web addresses, uncheck the "Web addresses" checkbox.

Press "OK" to close this dialog box, then "OK" to close the "Internet Options" dialog box.

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What is auto complete?

To make things easier for you, each time you type something into a form, and type a password, Internet Explorer remembers them, when you go back to that form later on, it auto completes the entry, or gives you a list to choose from. This is also responsible for the address bar history!
Good or bad?

Well, it's not appropriate on a system where more than one person has access, they could enter your private accounts via password remembering. Also if you search for something (most common question), everyone else can see what you chose to search for!
Clearing the stored contents

From within Internet Explorer, Tools>>Internet Options, select the content tab, then click "Auto Complete..." Click Clear Passwords, then click Clear Forms. This also clears the address bar.
Disabling Auto Complete

You can turn off auto complete or parts of it, good if you want your search engine queries saved but your passwords kept secure!
Web Addresses: When enabled, this stores a list of web addresses in the IE address bar, so you don't have to type full addresses.
Forms: Stores information on forms within HTML forms, where you enter data to submit to a script.
Usernames and passwords: Stores your usernames and passwords! - If you use this, remember what I said above.

To disable a part, remove the check, to enable a part, place a check by it. To disable it altogether, remove all the checks.
Note: Disabling Auto Complete does not clear the information it previously stored.

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  applecroc 08:55 28 Sep 2006

Sorted! brillant. thanks . So simple and it's worked. thanks again.

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