Auto-Backup File on "Save" required

  villageidiot 17:30 22 Dec 2006

I have less than 2GB of data on my computer, mainly "Word" documents and spreadsheets, split into "Current" and "Archived" folders. "Current" is only 200MB. I am not into photographs, music, etc.

I currently use an Iomega Zip disc to backup my data. Following a full "Copy" of my "Current" data to this disc, the Iomega software then updates any file whenever I "Save" it.

So that I could transfer my data between computers, I would like to change to using a USB drive 1GB memory stick. However, my understanding of current backup software puts me off doing this. With my present system, backup happens automatically, as soon as I change a document and save it. I do not have to remember to back up, and it happens immediately, not once a week or month. I also don't need to bother with the concepts of Incremental and Differential backups. Each file on the Zip Drive is the latest version. I presume the software simply deletes the old version and records the new.

Is there any backup software which will do this, on Win98SE, using a USB Memory Stick, without the complications of Incremental and/or Differential backup?

  Diemmess 17:41 22 Dec 2006

Hardware apart there is a freebie called EZBackitup which can be configured to update only files that have changed, or even delete files no longer present in the source folders.

It opens in a Windows Explorer type of screen, will take time to decide what is to be copied and where to put it. Also a minute or two to make the first backup.

Thereafter it runs like smoke to deal with docs and databases. Barely time to click the green tick and job done.
Try click here - there are lots of alternative sites if you use Google.

  villageidiot 21:31 22 Dec 2006

Many thanks Diemmess.

I have installed EZBackitup, and it seems to work OK at scheduled backups.

What happens if the computer is switched off when the backup becomes due - will it backup next time the computer is switched on, or will it wait until the next scheduled time? I guess I could set it to backup at 04:00am, and see what has happened tomorrow morning.

This program does not seem to back up as soon as I modify and then save a file, unlike the Iomega software. So I am still looking for a backup program that will do this. In the meantime I am using both Iomega, with the Zip drive, and EZBackitup with a memory stick.

  Diemmess 22:41 22 Dec 2006

"You don't get owt fer nowt"

This goes a long way to meet what you want but I can only suggest a daily habit to backup just before you shut down.

I deliberately kept off the topic of hardware because there is a huge variety of things to simplify life, costing from ten to several hundred pounds and that is a different thread in itself.

There are other programs to deal with backups but they come at a price in money and complexity.

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