Authentication Question

  jwilh6884 00:54 09 Mar 2014

While working on a personal website I ran into a slight problem when I uploaded it through ftp. Now when I type in the domain it requires username and password. How do I get rid of this.

  LastChip 21:18 09 Mar 2014

What slight problem did you run into?

Without knowing your file structure and the type of server, it's almost impossible to answer. That's why you need to offer more details of the problem.

  jwilh6884 14:24 10 Mar 2014

I apologize that sounds unclear. I did not run into any issues but after I uploaded the website using FTP it requires user login. It is hosted on Windows Server. The website is HTML and JavaScript. I downloaded the theme online and edited it and can not find anything in scripts that appear to be user authentication.

  LastChip 22:45 10 Mar 2014

Please clarify why you uploaded a "theme". Are you using Wordpress or some other content management system?

What little of your source code renders, suggests you are loading an executable file. That in itself is a concern. Are you sure this theme is legitimate?

  jwilh6884 14:07 11 Mar 2014

Let me start over because I am new to this. I downloaded a free to use template that uses HTML / CSS / JS. I edited what I need to in notepad then uploaded using a free ftp program. I am mainly experimenting right now trying to learn what I am doing more fully. After uploading to the godaddy servers I typed in my website address and receive the user authentication prompt. Not sure where this is coming from. Thanks for all the help and hopefully this explains everything a little better.

  LastChip 20:19 11 Mar 2014

OK, can you point me towards the template?

  jwilh6884 00:35 12 Mar 2014

click here <---- This is the link where I downloaded the template.

  LastChip 01:38 12 Mar 2014

OK, that sent me to a page that offers a number of experimental templates. I downloaded Big Picture to take a look and although it's a brief scan through, I can't see anything wrong with those files. In fact in my opinion, they are very nice work.

They're essentially written as grids in html5. So how you've arrived in this situation, remains a bit of a mystery.

Did you change the default name of the page index.html to anything else?

That's about the only thing I can think of at the moment that may be the cause this problem.

  jwilh6884 01:02 14 Mar 2014

Default name of directory did not change at all.

  LastChip 14:11 16 Mar 2014

If you loaded the theme directory (in full) into your hosting services root folder, that's probably the cause of your problem.

You need to copy the contents of the directory (not the directory itself) into your root directory. index.html must be in the severs root directory.

If you have full control over the server, then you can make exceptions, but if it's a hosted proposition, I doubt you have that level of flexibility.

Sorry for the delay, but I've been out of the country for a few days on a job, and PCA wouldn't let me log-in. In fact, it was dreadfully slow and no other UK sites I use were like it. So it wasn't the connection.

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