audio/video files non functioning

  Amadas 12:19 14 Jan 2005

Good day,

I was in the middle of creating some MP3's from a CD of a local band wishing to place on their website. I use Cool Edit pro and was compressing them appropriate to either dialup or broadband. During this process I was listening to them with my default player (Winamp 5) and everything was going fine. I could right click and determine file size, and I could double click to listen to them to ensure the quality is what I desire. Upon completion, and closing out Cool Edit Pro, I attempted to play these files and nothing would happen with the exception of my computer freezing up. All I'd have to do is just click on it and my system would freeze up.

Task manager indicated that the process was "running" but nothing was happening. I also noticed that my toolbar became bare everytime this happened. Only a restart would bring them back. I then uninstalled winamp and reinstalled; same problem. I then went to other media files on my system, and now they aren't working.

If I open Winamp and and request it to open the file, it will. If I place a link on the web page I'm building and test it in the browser, it also works. Only when I attempt to access these files directly will I have this problem.

Something else I noticed, is when I was playing the CD on my computer, two things were different. One, I noticed a box with CDDB initiating a query, then another box showed up indicating "Match cannot be found". So I clicked to submit a new one. Then another box came back indicating "success" and the music continued to play. I've never had this happen before.

Two, since I have Zone Alarm Pro installed, the winamp agent is a pain as it's requesting access to the internet everytime a new song starts. I kept clicking "no". Then became fed up and shut the CD off until I was off the internet.

I hope I've provided enough information to warrant a solution.

O/S - Win2K.
Winamp 5 and Quicktime 6 Pro installed. (quicktime has since been uninstalled just in case there was a conflict).

Thanking you in advance.


  Amadas 18:51 14 Jan 2005

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  Amadas 04:44 15 Jan 2005

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  Mango Grummit 05:19 15 Jan 2005

Solution you wanted - use this and start again click here

Any further probs - come back.

Don't expect to hear from you though, regards, M

  ICF 06:05 15 Jan 2005

When installing winamp you can select not to install winamp agent.So uninstall winamp and install it without the agent:~}

  Amadas 06:58 15 Jan 2005

Thanks, I downloaded the program and will see how it works.

Since last writing, I decided to uninstall all media players thereby leaving a file with an unknown extenstion. Even when clicking on that file, the screen freezes up.

I've completed anti virus scans with the latest downloads, along with adaware scans, defragmenting and disk scans ... and still no change.

I've even uninstalled Power DVD (apparently this program came with the CDrom. With it being gone, the CDDB dialog box doesn't show up now. Some type of confusion there. I can still play a CD, I can still request winamp or any other media player to open any MP3 and it will play. Only when I actually click on the file will the screen freeze. This is becoming rather frustrating as I've done everything that I know of with no favourable results.


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