Audiotape problem

  daveac41 14:29 01 Nov 2010

I have a few audio cassette home recordings, from way back. I wish to transcribe them to CD, but the speed is too fast. Is there a way of reducing the speed ??
(Windows XP Pro)

  eedcam 19:14 01 Nov 2010

what are you using to get them on the pc

  daveac41 21:27 01 Nov 2010

I'm transferring them from stereo via Audacity

  BRYNIT 22:05 01 Nov 2010

In Audacity under effects/change speed.

  Simsy 07:45 02 Nov 2010

are they "too fast"?

Is it when they are played on the cassette player, (which is obviously a cassette issue), or after they have been turned to digital?

If they are OK coming off cassette I's suspect it's a problem with the sample rate... possible "recorded" at a sample rate of 32000, and being played back at 44100 or 48000.

(Though I'm not sure how you'd achieve this!)



  Simsy 07:53 02 Nov 2010

how to change the sample rate on this page;
click here

Good luck,



  Simsy 08:05 02 Nov 2010

I think that wont help... but this will...

click here

They are referring to doing different things!



  daveac41 12:18 02 Nov 2010

When I recorded them, back in the 90's, the machine that I used then must have been running a bit slow, so now when I play them on a modern player they sound fast.

  eedcam 12:27 02 Nov 2010

How fast Dave ie chipmunks speed or just a bit . If only slight an none of the previous suggestions work you could try varying the pitch

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