audioHQ problems on creative sound card

  hmmm 18:32 07 Jan 2003
  hmmm 18:32 07 Jan 2003

I have winxp and logitech 4.1 speakers (z 540)

I cant enter audio says reinstall driver which i did from (took 1hr 40 mins) but it still dont work

any ideas

thanx for the help one again

  birkdalite 19:50 07 Jan 2003

I had lots of trouble with audigy and tried many times to download an updated version on the European site only to be told I was No 247 in the queue and some such numbers ,it was like trying to win the lottery! I then decided to try downloading from the Asian site,Instant success!!!
have had no trouble since, try it.

  Lead 20:23 07 Jan 2003

I've always found Creative drivers to be a bit 'hit and miss'. But I managed to successfully install my Audigy card on my XP Pro system after completely uninstalling the existing (Creative) drivers; then removing all traces in the registry (don't forget to back up first); rebooting the system; cancelling the attempt that XP makes to install it's own drivers; then running the Creative driver installer.

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