Audiobook transfer from library website to ipod cost me £25!

  sheila.weston 11:10 22 Oct 2011

Help! I have just checked my credit card account and see that I have been charged approximately £25 for each of five audiobooks which I have downloaded from our local library. What have I done wrong? The library assures me that there should be no charge.

The books were in wma format, I opened them in overdrive and then attached the ipod, as directed and selected the transfer option. When I attached the ipod itunes opened up and the ipod screen showed SYNC.

I have contacted my bank, who are looking in to it. Meanwhile I have cancelled my credit card. Do I have to be signed up to an itunes account?

  onionskin 22:28 22 Oct 2011

I don't have an ipod so I don't know anything about them but it looks like you purchased the audiobooks from the istore. How could your local library have your credit card details?

I wouldn't have thought that you need an itunes account to use Overdrive.

The only thing I can see in the Overdrive instructions is the bit about setting your ipod to manually manage music. See below.

What requirements are there for transferring OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks to Apple devices? •OverDrive Media Console v3.2.0.5 (or newer) for Windows or OverDrive Media Console for Mac v1.0 (or newer). •iTunes v9.1 (or newer) for Windows or iTunes v7.6.2.9 (or newer) for Mac. •On Mac, iTunes v9.1 (or newer) is required for transferring to the iPad. iTunes v8.1.0.52 (or newer) is required for transferring to the iPod shuffle. •The device must be formatted for use with your operating system. •The device must be set to 'Manually Manage Music…'

How do I set my Apple device to 'Manually Manage Music…'? 1.Connect your device to your computer. 2.Open iTunes. 3.Locate the device in the left navigation panel (under heading 'DEVICES'), and click the device. The 'Summary' screen is displayed. 4.Place a checkmark next to 'Manually manage music…'. 5.Click 'Apply'. The iTunes 'Summary' screen refreshes, and your changes are saved.

  onionskin 22:35 22 Oct 2011

I see you've posted another message while I was composing the one above. I hope you get a refund but at least you should find out what went wrong.

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