Audio on web cams

  paul-228476 19:39 31 Dec 2003

I have just installed a web cam on my pc the video side works fine but have struggled to get audio to work can anyone tell me how or what i need to resolve this

  LastChip 19:51 31 Dec 2003

Disable it!

  paul-228476 19:59 31 Dec 2003

have disabled firewall but still does not work!
can you get audio for free or do you have to pay for it?

  LastChip 21:47 31 Dec 2003

The latest version of Messenger supports a Web Cam (sound and vision), as do versions on Yahoo etc.

I have success with Messenger and some success with Paltalk, but on each occasion, Zone Alarm severely screwed up the connections and had to be disabled for the duration.

However, as with all leading edge technology, some "fiddling" and patience is required to achieve a result!

TV quality; it isn't!!

  paul-228476 23:04 31 Dec 2003

Thankyou for answering my thread i have messenger 6.1 installed at present and am running windows xp which was pre installed on this pc when i bought it

I also have zone alarm and norman anti virus running do i have to diable them both in order to get audio

My web cam is a logitech zoom which says that my built in mic is working when i test it,but alas still no audio

cheers joe

  LastChip 23:13 31 Dec 2003

Disable all Firewalls, including XP's built in effort if it's still running.

ps. The Norton firewall and Zone Alarm (ZA) do not generally work well together, however, if you are only using Norton's anti-virus program, it should not affect your ability to set-up a successful Web Cam. As a general rule, your anti-virus program should always run, except when installing new applications. Choose which Firwall you want to use (and Norton or ZA are better than XP's) and stick with that for normal use, but not while using a Web Cam.

  paul-228476 23:21 31 Dec 2003

Any idear what xp,s built in firewall is called and where to find it because i was'nt aware it was there in the first place

  LastChip 23:39 31 Dec 2003

but if you go into the help files, it will tell you how to turn it on and off.

From memory, you right click My Computer and it's in one of the settings, I think it might be under environment or recovery settings or something.

  adviseclive 01:35 01 Jan 2004

try double clicking the speaker icon in task bar so volume controls come up. Click on the advance tab. See if mic2 select or 2mic boost is selected.
Try swapping tick over to see which one it will work on. Had to do this with my webcam and mic to use msn6.1.

  adviseclive 01:40 01 Jan 2004

also check if mic is ticked in options\properties of volume controls

  adviseclive 01:47 01 Jan 2004

then test it using audio and video tuning wizard in msn 6.1 Tools

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