audio track editing

  Blubottle 13:08 12 Dec 2005

I have re-coded an mp3 cd back to WAV. and burnt it to a blank cd but when played back on my CD player I am unable to select tracks manually the player sees it as one long track, all the 12 tracks are present and do play one after the other but are not selectable. Can anyone suggest a way round this and what program to use if any

  jack 13:29 12 Dec 2005

Look for on PCA cover disks or do a Google

MP3 Surgeon
Wave Pad
MP3 DiectCut

  pj123 14:30 12 Dec 2005

I use LP Ripper from:

click here

Not free though. I also have LP Recorder.

  Wak 19:00 13 Dec 2005

Hi, If you already have Nero then you could use the Nero Wave editor which is built in.
However, which ever way you do it, I think it will be a long job as I think you are going to have to load the complete file (all songs) into the Editor, then delete all of them but the first and then save the first song as a new file.
You will have to repeat this action for each and every song until you have saved each one as a separate file.
Now put all of the separate files in the same folder and then drag this folder into Nero to burn to the CD.
Some editors may allow you to split all the songs at once but I only use the Nero Wave Editor and therefore do not know what the others are capable of.

  Blubottle 15:50 14 Dec 2005

I have solved the problem with Audacity it works very well
many thanks to all

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