Audio tapes to CD

  Beltona 20:57 09 Jun 2004

Help! Please! With no tape player in my new car I need to transfer a lot of audio books etc. to CD. I have no experience in this field but I have been told that a program called Nero 6 will do what I need. Is this so? Is there a simpler way?

  Valvegrid 21:28 09 Jun 2004

This program may do it for you. I haven't tried it, but if you can connect the tape player to the sound card using line or mike input it may just do the job.

click here

  Valvegrid 21:34 09 Jun 2004

By the way, once you've recorded it to the hard drive, you'll need a program to burn it to CD.

CD'n'go is pretty good, scroll down for version 2:
click here

There are other ones, I expect you'll get some other replies.

  Tim1964 00:02 10 Jun 2004

I use dbpoweramp to convert my vinyl/tapes to mp3s oe WMAs.
As stated above you'll need a cd writer in your PC but I guess it has. Also, as the files will be talking books the quality will not be crucial so the bitrate can be around 64K so you'll get squillions of them on a 700Mb CD!

  Diemmess 08:25 10 Jun 2004

If my own Peugeot "Clarion" car CD is any example, I need the smooth surface of a motorway or or a stationary car to hear home burned CDs.

The average lane around here, is so badly surfaced that I might as well listen to the radio rather than CD.

  stlucia 08:43 10 Jun 2004

If you've got a sound card and a CD burner in your PC, you may already have got all you need from the software point of view: Your sound card will probably come with software which will allow you to record onto your hard disk (mine has a utility with the unlikely sounding name of Sound O'le), and your burner may have a version of Nero or Roxio bundled with it which will enable you to burn music CDs.

To get the sound into your PC you only need to connect the line-out or headphone socket of your tape player or amplifier to the line-in socket on your sound card.

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