Audio Problem

  LogIK 19:46 03 Dec 2004

Okay, I want to connect my TV to my Altec Lansing ADA885 speaker system, in order to get a richer sound for playing games and watching DVDs etc.

What I have done is connected the TV from the headphone jack to the line in on the speakers. This works fine.

However, I then realised that I also need to connect my PC to the speakers aswell, so I can get sound from my PC! I went out and bought one of those double 3.5mm jacks so I could plug both the PC and the TV into the line in jack at the same time.

However, when I do this, sound from the PC is fine, but the sound from the TV is very quiet and adjusting the volume doesn't help, as it is so low.

Why is this happening and what can I do to sort it? Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 20:01 03 Dec 2004

Hi, those double jacks never give proper sound when connected like that - I found the same when I tried it. I now have a WinTV card and my soundcard is Creative Audigy2, with this combination I have pc connected to TV/Vid/HiFi and Cam. I have two spkrs on pc, two on tv, two on hifi - all can be on at once or just those I choose at any time. I can also watch tv on pc, or pc on tv - this way I can also record pc output to vcr. lol.

  Technotiger 20:04 03 Dec 2004

ps: this setup includes two vcr's, one for playing and capturing on pc, one for recording from pc.

  LogIK 20:07 03 Dec 2004

Sounds cool, but I wanted a nice quick and cheap solution for more bass on my TV.

It's weird because you would think that the PC audio would have done the same, but that stays fine. I can plug the double connector in, with just the TV connected and the TV audio is fine, but as soon as I plug the PC audio in, the TV audio dims.

  Charence 20:10 03 Dec 2004

I'm assuming that TVs don't amplify the sound as much for the headphone jack otherwise it will deafen someone who is listening via headphones.

There should be an AV out socket or SCART socket on your TV. If you get an AV cable with a 3.5mm jack on the other end, sound should be at normal volume and won't be affected by the volume level that the TV is currently at.


  Technotiger 20:16 03 Dec 2004

I agree with Charence - much simpler solution. lol

  Charence 20:17 03 Dec 2004

I don't think using a splitter causes too much problems. I'm using one at the moment and I'm pretty content with the volumes my speakers will go to.


  LogIK 20:23 03 Dec 2004

Good point, but wouldn't that mean the sound would be dim from the TV all of the time, and not just when I connect the PC audio to the double connector?

  Charence 20:23 03 Dec 2004

Am I right in thinking you want your TV and PC to use the PC speakers?

if so, Line In = TV, Line Out(Speakers) = Speakers

Or do you want your PC to use TV and PC speakers?

if so, Line Out(Speakers) = TV, Speakers you'll need a splitter in this situation.


  LogIK 20:24 03 Dec 2004

I want my TV and the PC to use the PC speakers.

  Technotiger 20:25 03 Dec 2004

Understood, but I had similar problem as LogIK at first. All ok now though. lol

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