Audio only coming out of one speaker

  jimmynugent86 14:54 04 Jan 2014

Howdy folks

Im currently only getting audio out of one of my speakers (the right speaker) and not sure how to resolve it :-S

*Using Desktop PC with external speakers (Logitech) *Have tested the speakers on my iphone and im getting sound from both Left and Right speakers *Balance is 100 for both Left and Right in the speaker properties *Replaced sound card *Re-installed latest drivers for sound card

All to no avail! Any thoughts?? im just about to download the latest audio drivers for my motherboard but not confident that will have any affect...

  Ian in Northampton 15:10 04 Jan 2014

It may well be a fault with the audio socket on your motherboard/soundcard. Both socket and plug are manufactured, I believe, in such a way that one part of the socket/plug is right audio, the other part left audio, and occasionally, something can go awry, get out of alignment - or just get disconnected. In the past, I've managed a temporary fix by twisting the audio plug in the socket.

  wee eddie 15:59 04 Jan 2014

The usual cause of this is a plug not properly pushed home or a dry joint

  jimmynugent86 17:23 04 Jan 2014

Thanks both

@Ian- I've tried twisting the jack but not even a flicker out of the left speaker. Does that mean ill need a new motherboard? Please say no... :-(

  wee eddie 17:35 04 Jan 2014


  alanrwood 18:54 04 Jan 2014

If it is the jack socket then replacement is usually not too difficult for a trainer repairman.

  Ian in Northampton 09:40 05 Jan 2014

Instead of replacing the motherboard, you could just install a sound card. Much, much less expensive! (And, at perhaps £30-40/hour labour, probably even less expensive than alanrwood's suggestion...) Something like this. Or if you can't be bothered with/are nervous about opening up the case, a USB sound card like this would probably work well.

  alanrwood 11:32 05 Jan 2014

Good suggestion Ian. Just depends on whether he has any spare slots on his motherboard for the first suggestion and the USB one is a bit unknown as it5 says you can eliminate the use of a soundcard but also says it upgrades the on board sound. Not quite sure what that implies. I would go for the first option if possible as you will get all the sockets for speakers etc wheras the USB device only shows one for speakers and one for Mic.

  jimmynugent86 11:48 05 Jan 2014

Ive replaced the sound card already and the problem is still there. So both speakers and sound card should be ok, which means it must be the motherboard..? Ive also tried putting the soundcard in a different pci slot.

  Ian in Northampton 12:45 05 Jan 2014

Ah... The fact that you have a separate sound card is new news... Soundcard ports can suffer just like mobo audio ports. My next step would be to see if you can find a friend who'll let you try your sound card in his/her PC. Or even a friendly local repair shop. A defective mobo seems to me like the least likely cause. You could always try the USB dongle: at those kind of prices, it's not a killing matter.

alanrwood: yep, if you use a USB audio dongle, it can replace both/either onboard sound or a soundcard. And yes, if the sound chip in the USB dongle is superior to the audio processing on the mobo, sound may well be better. But, as you say, its connectivity is limited.

  alanrwood 18:27 05 Jan 2014

Just to be on the safe side I don't bsuppose that bthe balance control is set fully to one side is it.

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