Audio failed.

  Wintermute 13:37 20 Jul 2008

Right, twiddling my thumbs one day whilst reading an ebook and listening to music through earphones, I came to notice increased 'static' sounds that seemed to reflect my computers operation (IE, if the Hard-drive was busy, say, in a defragmentation, the static would increase and decrese in sync with the operation of the HDD) a few seconds later, my right earphone stopped playing music and my left was playing it at a quieter rate. Both still have that static sound. I have no clue as how to fix this, as I work with AI, and I'm normally told by my program what exactly is wrong with it.

This was after the malicous removal tool completeing it's instillation.

  eedcam 13:45 20 Jul 2008

First try a system restore to before that instalation

  Wintermute 14:04 20 Jul 2008

just tried it, no luck. Restore worked, problem wasnt resolved.

I've tested headphones, earphones and normal speakers, same problem.

  eedcam 14:22 20 Jul 2008

Shame has anything been (not by you) altered in the volume controls or settings in sounds and audio devices .I,ve lost sound before due to automatic updates

  woodchip 14:26 20 Jul 2008

may be the sound card or onboard sound as died

  Wintermute 15:17 20 Jul 2008

Sound is on motherboard, no external soundcard.

How do I repair it?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:50 20 Jul 2008

Unlikely you will be able to, consider a pci or pci-e soundcard or similar, loads out there see

click here

or use it as an excuse to upgrade your motherboard!

  ambra4 16:30 20 Jul 2008

Reinstall the audio driver

  Wintermute 16:48 20 Jul 2008

Audio driver has been rolled-back, updated and everything. no change.

Apparently, I have a soundcard plugged in the PCI slot, which is odd, as I dont have any PCI slots...

  ambra4 16:59 20 Jul 2008

On board sound card is listed as PCI sound

  woodchip 17:03 20 Jul 2008

Only way would be to fit a cheap PCI sound card, this would have to be a Desktop or Tower for fitting a PCI you would need to remove the side off computer to check you have a spare white PCI slot From £4.99

click here
and reviews on this page for the sound card

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