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  haricot 17:06 02 Nov 2007

OK so I thought it might be good idea to start a new thread as the other one is getting a tad lengthy.
Having now decided to use my own Recording Deck and Amp to record vinlys on to cd's.I am faced with just 2 choices for software.
I got Roxio EC 9 with my new Dell but cos its and OEM version I've only got some of it and yes
you've guessed it ...not the bit that copies vinyls etc.

So I have 2 questions.

Can anyone tell me how I can make up the extra bit without paying for a full version again..OR

and to refer to the heading of this thread, IS Magix Audio Cleaning Lab really any good.Will it work on Vista and what is the best version or model to get.
Thanks in advance.

  eedcam 19:39 02 Nov 2007

If you check ebay there may still be versions of cool edit pro (now adobe audition ) going cheap This way and beyond anything Magix or any similar programs can do .Not to say Magix or the others in that price bracket are not good it may well be ample for your needs

  Sparkly 19:49 02 Nov 2007

This should do it for you and its free
click here

  haricot 08:19 03 Nov 2007

Thanks Guys .Much obliged.
All any other suggestions are appreciated.

  Simsy 08:26 03 Nov 2007

though Audacity, that Sparkly has linked to, is EXCELLENT, especially considering it's available for free, it isn't, in my opinion much good at noise reduction.

However, as it is free, it'll do no harm to try it and see if you like it!

Good luck,



  haricot 08:40 03 Nov 2007

Hi Simsy

Thanks for coming in on this. Yep. this is my problem. I get suggestions (and I am grateful for everyone, believe me 'cos I am absolutely useless at this game) but then someone comes along and say that it had got a drawback or a problem of some kind.
Can I ask you if you have used anything else then, that is better than Audacity .
All I need is software that will allow me to copy a couple of dozen LP's and hopefully will remove any snap,crackle and pop that may be worth removing .As I've said , I've got the hardware and leads.

  mole44 08:43 03 Nov 2007

i use magix audiocleaning lab,easy to use does a pretty good job.quite a steep learning curve but i recomend it.

  haricot 08:53 03 Nov 2007

Hi guys ...tis me again and thanks Mole but which version did you use. If it is a problem to understand then that is going to "snazzle" me.

I have just looked at the Audacity Manual and that is bad enough.

when you get to my age chaps , you have to have it set out in stages ie .,

Step one.. Put the LP on the turntable
Step two.. switch so and so on etc etc
Step three .. etc etc

I told you I was a "woos" and totally inexperienced.

  peter99co 11:24 10 Dec 2007

Works on XP not on Vista i tried but it could not find any of the drives (C or E)The odd button does not work either.

  keef66 12:34 10 Dec 2007

I use Audio Cleaning Lab becuase it's so simple, at the moment on an XP machine. However, I'm planning to build a new, faster PC after xmas, and was planning to put Vista on it. Maybe I'll stick to XP.

  MCE2K5 14:49 10 Dec 2007

Can you Close this thread, as for now it is no longer needed.


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