Audio CD won't play continuously in Player

  CLONNEN 06:51 16 Jul 2005

I used Nero 5.5 in Windows ME to burn 20 mp3 tracks to a CDR. I selected the Audio CD option and did the burn at x4 speed which was the lowest on the list available in Nero.

I can play the audio cd fine on my computer but when we play it on a normal cd player such as the one in our car - it plays about two or three tracks and then stops and says ERROR on the display. The tracks all seem to play fine individually if I eject the cdr, reinsert and manually skip to the track it stopped at.

Why won't it play ALL the tracks continuously?

Did I do something wrong with regard to pauses between tracks? I believe Nero is set to put a 2 second gap between tracks by default.

Do normal cd players need the pause to be turned off in Nero's settings when I do the burn?

The only other reason I can think of is that I did apply / stick a cd label to the top side of the CDR (not very well) so we could remember which way is up as the cdr does not come with a label. Should I try removing the label from the cdr?

  ICF 07:12 16 Jul 2005

Some players are fussy about the brand of CD's they will play.Try another brand of CD's

  CLONNEN 07:28 16 Jul 2005

I have tried the cdr in a portable music cd player - like the other one it plays a few tracks and then goes wrong. Makes clicking noises until I manually eject the CDR. Again it works fine for indivudally selected tracks - just doesn't want to play all the tracks together.

I do have some other CDRs which claim to be specially designed for audio cds. But they don't come with any instructions so I don't know if there are any speical settings I need to set in my burning software for the CDRs to work properly. They are called MR Data 80min / 700mb recordable audio CD on the box. They were rather expensive so I am reluctant to use them until I have fully mastered burning successfully with cheaper CDRs.

I have only done burning computer CDRs three times before. The audio CDR I created is my first attempt into the non-computer playback area.

  CLONNEN 08:06 16 Jul 2005

Are music cds supposed to be created WITH or WITHOUT a pause between the tracks?

Is there anyone out there who has successfully created a music cdr which plays in normal cd players without any errors? If so what settings did you use with regard to pauses between the tracks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 16 Jul 2005

Have created lots of CDs to play in the car as I do a lot of traveling in my job.

Use both CDs created with 2 sec gaps and others without.

Not all CDs burnt have been sucessfull although Ive been lucky as most work ok first time.

1. ICF is correct you need the right media for your burner also some players do not like certain disks.

2. a slower burn is often more successful

3. make sure both the burner and the disk are clean before you start

4. DO NOT use the PC for anything else while burning even something like screen saver coming on during the burn can have disastrous results

  CLONNEN 20:34 16 Jul 2005

I have taken the label off the CDR and lo and behold it now seems to play the whole cd without any errors in ordinary music cd players.

I'm relieved it wasn't the burn that went wrong. In future I won't use full face cd labels on audio CDs.

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