Audio CD-R Problems

  Bobby 15:40 18 Jan 2008

I am having the most awful problems with some audio CD_Rs I burnt a few years ago (crackling, jumping, or totally refusing to play) Out of 55 discs I have tested, 16 are faulty which is an enormous percentage.
Does anyone else have these sort of problems?
At first I thought it was a batch of cheap discs but then I found I was also having trouble with TDK, Sony & Mitsubishi branded discs.
They all USED to work OK & very few of them have any visible scratches, so - have I got a CD-eating evil spirit in my house, or do CD-Rs only have a life of 4 or 5 years, or is there another answer?
As I no longer have the source material some of these discs were made from, does anybody know of a deperate last-ditch fix to get them to play just once(long enough to rip the audio onto my hard drive)?
I have managed to salvage a couple of tracks by leaving the disc in the freezer overnight, and a couple more using a program called Isobuster, but neither method can rescue ALL the fauly tracks.
I have now bought some (comparitively) expensive Verbatim discs which are supposed to be guaranteed for life - at least being printable they LOOK far more professional than sticky labels!

  SANTOS7 15:52 18 Jan 2008

Have you thought that the generic fault is with the player and not the media...

  Bobby 16:58 18 Jan 2008

They don't work in the van, in the car, in the domestic audio nor in the PC !!!!!

  SANTOS7 17:01 18 Jan 2008

where you have been storing these discs may have some bearing on the issue you have...

  Bobby 18:16 18 Jan 2008

Unless they've ben played in the car, they are stored in a CD rack in the living room along with all the comercially produced Cds.

  SANTOS7 18:34 18 Jan 2008

OK that elliminates nuclear fallout then..

The degredation of the discs may be just one of those things, and will much depend on the quality of the disc and how the images are burnt on them in the first place, I have to say you would expect them to last alot longer than yours have

click here

the prog in the link may help....

  Simsy 18:42 18 Jan 2008

"or do CD-Rs only have a life of 4 or 5 years?"

The answer to that question is "Yes."
It might be 6, or even 7, but that's about the timescale, depending on storage conditions and quality of the origianl media.

Good luck,



  SANTOS7 18:45 18 Jan 2008

click here
usefull info here...

  Bobby 18:50 18 Jan 2008

Is Softeza likely to be any better than Isobuster?
I have been trying hard to think of some common factor to these discs - I'm not even sure if they were all burnt on my old Yamaha SCSI burner which packed up and was replaced by a DVD re-writer a couple of years back.
Are data CD-R discs equally unreliable?

  Bobby 19:50 19 Jan 2008

So it looks as if you have to keep the original material on your hard drive to make a replacement CD-R when the original one dies!!!!Not much point in backing up your hard drive data onto CDs then is there?

  SANTOS7 19:58 19 Jan 2008

click here=

I buy ePro from the shop in the link, silly cheap, backup to these keep um a few months, chuck em away, start again...

What ever you back up to there is always a posibility something could go wrong, you backup to a seperate HDD one day it dies, your stuffed.
to give yourself the best chance of recovery keep them well and do it often

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