audio cable problem

  gav223 20:00 15 Jan 2008

Hi, I have bought an audio cable and have connected it to my laptop, but it doesn't produce any sound. I'm not sure if I have to download anything for it to work, so can someone help me.

  Grey Goo 20:56 15 Jan 2008

what have you got connected on the other end

  Technotiger 21:10 15 Jan 2008

'Sounds' like a wind-up to me - LoL

  johnnyrocker 23:28 15 Jan 2008

i reckon so cos of the serious lack of detail;)


  ambra4 00:21 16 Jan 2008

First of all what make of laptop

Is the audio cable a normal stereo audio cable with a 3.5 mm plug at both ends?

What are you connecting it to speakers, TV audio in connector , a LCD monitor audio input etc

Is it plug into the headphone socket and you have checked that the volume is not muted and the volume control is set to a high level

If you can see the small speaker in the task bar double click on it the volume control setting will appear

If there is a tick on any of the mute control deselect them

You can also check the audio settings from the control panel

Start- Setting-Control Panel-Click- Sounds and Audio Devices

You can now test and adjust the audio setting on the laptop

  gav223 18:56 16 Jan 2008

I assure you that I am not messing about. Ihave a 15 pin pc cable connecting my laptop to lcd tv. I also have an audio cable.
A programme opens called ffd show when these are connected. Sound is coming through my laptop and also through my headphones, but not from the tv.

  Technotiger 19:45 16 Jan 2008

Ok - so why didn't you tell us that to begin with - we do sometimes get people trying to be clever and wind us up!

I think first place to start, is to make sure you have all the latest Codecs installed.

Assuming you are using XP - 'cos you have not said! click here

  gav223 19:50 16 Jan 2008

Sorry, I didn't realise people wasted there time by posting crap as a wind up.
I have Vista, can you please resend a link.
Many thanks.

  SANTOS7 19:58 16 Jan 2008

gav223, you would be surprised by whats posted here sometimes...
Think we need to recap a bit this thread has rather lost the plot a bit.
Are you useing your TV as an external sound/video device for your lappy.
It maybe a setting within the TV that is the issue as you have sound from your lappy and headphones...

  Technotiger 20:00 16 Jan 2008

For Vista click here

  Technotiger 20:02 16 Jan 2008

Hi, I suggested Codecs because of FFD Show.

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