Audacity Teething Problemst

  calonlan 12:56 11 Sep 2007

Hi Again,
Thanks to your very helpful advice I have successfully downloaded Audacity and MP3 encoder and it seens brilliant and I am able to record some elderly tapes onto file.
However being totally new to this programme, I have a couple of things I would appreciate some help with. I have looked up their HELP section which is very good but I would like it in more understandable language.
How do I remove distortion.? I am using an elderly but good Technics Tape Deck direct into my PC but there is no Volume control on it so if one track is loud, the next might be very low volume.
I have got lots of recordings of myself ( I was a Pro Singer) on some of which the backing comes out fine but my Vocal is distorted ,I realise it is in the recording of them, but can it be improved ?
Also some of my tapes are Mono ( the older ones ) and some Stereo...does Audacity sense this and adjust itself, or do I have to do something, if so how please ?
Hopeyou can understand what I mean the way I put it,I am no longer in the flush of youth and a bit slow in consequence.!!
Many thanks

  Diemmess 13:39 11 Sep 2007

...Perhaps other contributers do!
A link to your previous posting
click here

The crux of your problem
"I realise it is in the recording of them, but can it be improved?"

Distortion on the original track often causes clipping, the actual recording level being too high. I don't know of any way of restoring the sound when the recording level has gone off the scale.

Differing volume on different tracks may be improved by sound card software and probably re-recording to lift the fainter tracks, but you are then into the vast world of enhancement just like the present popularity of improving photgraphs.
in fact you could liken you audio distortion to the overexposed photo so much of the picture burned out.

I hope somone can offer a path to suit you.

  calonlan 13:53 11 Sep 2007

Thanks Diemmess, appreciate that.
Yes I thought so. I think I am being optimistic on this one, commonsense tells me that what went onto the tape will come out in the recording but I wasn't sure if it could be remedied in recording.
Marg7 said the other day that she was removing scratches from old records on Audacity, do you think then that I can remove hiss from elderly cassettes ?

  Diemmess 14:51 11 Sep 2007

You might be able to remove hiss, I haven't the foggiest.

People at huge consoles in high power studios do all sorts to dodgy old recordings.
I think it is called re-mastering, but somehow to my ears the results are mostly diappointing.

My "skill" limits me to being able to remove with confidence those awful needle clicks and pops where someone has been nasty to a vinyl.

I don't mind carrying on with idle chatter, but I hope that someone with real experience will come in with some good ideas for you.

  calonlan 15:38 11 Sep 2007

Thanks Domminesse and Marg7
I appreciate your efforts . amd will try what you suggest Marg. I really think I might be a bit ambitious in this project.
I understand what you say. Hissing is not too bad a problem, but the volume differential is of concern. It would be nice to have something whereby I can just do the recording and press something and it levels out the volume. but then I suppose I am in the realms of recording equipment like CUBASE or summat !
I will doubtless be able to do more fiddly things as I become more used to it.
I have only had the Programme for two days and I think I am a recording magnate LOL: !
Thank you so much. It is really good to know you great, patient, people are Out there

  calonlan 19:52 11 Sep 2007

Hi Again Marg
Of course. I never thought about when I come to burn on to CD which of course I shall be doing when I get them all together and ready.
I know I have a facility which appears in a drop down box and is actually checked so it is a default thingy, this says "Adjust volume levels across the tracks when burning"" ! or words very much to that effect.
I will watch with interest what happens when I do it.
Thanks again.

  eedcam 09:06 12 Sep 2007

If you can get hold of Adobe audition at a reasonable price on ebay that is the bees knees so to speak .Or ists predecessor Cool edit though alas perhaps not available you would need to search .Whilst audacity is reasonable its a it of a blanket wash in its corrections great fro free but not for really difficult work. I have an old Aiwa tape deck which was a state of the art inits day no longer needed if you are in the Bristol area you would be welcome to it. Of possible interest to others Sound from you tube downloaded and burned to dvd against sound from you tube straight to tape deck via line out despite barely shaking the needles was far superior to the direct download

  calonlan 09:43 12 Sep 2007

Hi eedcam
Thank you very much for your reply.
I an grateful for your offer, but I think I have pretty well decided to buy one of the new digital tape decks which are now advertised on the Net. They are quite reasonable £89.99 and will give me tje latest Technology, and should solve my problems.
Many thanks and regards.

  eedcam 11:54 12 Sep 2007

No prob but think about the software i mentioned

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