Audacity recording to CD from LP

  everhopeful 06:39 10 Sep 2010

I have mastered the art of getting a Vinyl Album to a CD. Pretty chuffed about this but here is a problem in that the entire LP has been recognised as a single track. Tried again and followed as per page 5 FAQ Opening and Saving Files. Problem is that my CD Player does nor recognise my valiant efforts and when I try to selectb another track it just sends me to the next CD Is it me or do I need a bit more help in this area?
Thank You

  mole44 06:55 10 Sep 2010

go and buy a copy of Magix audio cleaning lab,it`s easy to use and will do all you want and more.i know it`s not free £19.99 and free delivery from amazon but i use it and recomend it.

  ardubbleyu 08:06 10 Sep 2010

When I used Audacity to record my vinyl collection, I found that you had to split each track out to a seperate file individually, so that when burning the CD, you had individual tracks on it. That was some time ago, though (Audacity 1.2 I think. There may be a later version that sorts this out automatically, but if not, it's not too much of a chore.

  eedcam 08:49 10 Sep 2010

As said you need to split and save each track does not take long once you get used to it .Tehen when you burn with wahatever else you use you just add all the tracks and you are away. Or get Magix as advide .Personally I think unless you cannot buy a well mastered cd of the Lp its often not worth the botherother than the self satisfaction of doing it

  everhopeful 23:18 10 Sep 2010

My grateful thanks to those who replied so promptly. I will try recording tracks separately as suggested

  eedcam 09:27 11 Sep 2010

Everhopeful No you dont need to record tracks individually just split and save individually.Unless you meant that

  rdave13 09:39 11 Sep 2010
  Ian in Northampton 17:03 11 Sep 2010

I can confirm what rdave13 pointed you at - that's how I've converted my vinyl collection to CD/mp3. Scratches, jumps and all... :-)

  Diemmess 18:24 11 Sep 2010

To save frustration and expletives.
Audacity is a good little program but DO NOT perform many edits without saving as often as you can remember to do so.
Ask too much of it and the program crashes.

For example > copy the whole thing to a labelled file on your HD.
Make a copy of that file under a different name, this is the one you work on!

Track one - run and select (highlight),the piece you need.
Save this under its own name.
Delete this track from the major file (on screen), and save what ever is left of the major file

Next - Now select the second piece
Proceed as with track 1 and save this under its title.
And so on.

Well that's how I used to do it!

  rdave13 18:33 11 Sep 2010

I agree with you. Played around with Audacity and got good results. Time wise, for me anyway, not worth the bother as all the old albums can be bought quite cheaply on CD.

  Ian in Northampton 08:32 12 Sep 2010

rdave13: for those of us whose vinyl collection goes back to the mid-1960s, that ain't necessarily so.... :-)

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