Audacity help

  golfpro 08:32 03 Jun 2008

I am thinking of downloading Audacity to transfer some of my Vinyl library to my computer with a view to making CD's of some of my rare one's. And MP3's of the rest.
I see from their web site, there are two versions the Beta 1.3.5 and the older 1.2.6. Have users (if there are any) found problems with the Beta version? Or should I go for the older version and wait until the beta is finished and ready to go.

  eedcam 09:33 03 Jun 2008

The older version is fine

  rawprawn 09:51 03 Jun 2008

I agree with eedcam

  crosstrainer 09:59 03 Jun 2008

I did this some time ago, with a view to doing the same.....Audacity is fine, it's the time it takes if you want good quality CD copies of your vinyl. I did a couple (out of about 200) and have not resumed as yet!

It's one of those jobs you "Get Around To"!

  golfpro 10:11 03 Jun 2008


Why dose it take a long time? is this just with Audacity or are some other programs quicker than others.

  Technotiger 10:15 03 Jun 2008

I have not used Audacity, so am only guessing, but my guess is that you need to play the music in order to record it - playing 200 items will take at least ten hours non-stop, need I say more :-))

  eedcam 10:41 03 Jun 2008

Cos its all in realtime not like ripping one hour LP = one hour getting on hard drive then you have to manually split and save the tracks .In my opinion you are better of trying to obtain a good quality remastered cd of your albums if possible . Unless of course you are just going to do them without any restoration in that case great go for it . Restoration is best kept to absolute minimumand there are better editors out there but not free

  crosstrainer 13:00 03 Jun 2008

As explained by Technotiger and eedcam, the operation is done in real time. If you want to remove scratch noise etc. It involves playing the entire album twice! Not the fault of Audacity, all the paid for software behaves exactly the same way.....Hours of sitting by your PC with turntable connected! Have fun :)) (You wouldn't like to do mine would you?)

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