thumbscrew 09:26 29 Dec 2009

I've just been presented with an Ion Vinyl Converter and,although it does what it says and transfers LPs to MP3s, it also faithfully reproduces all the clicks, pops and intrusive surface noise, I'd almost forgotten about since the dawn of CDs. It's got Audacity for more advanced users, but there's a whole raft of instructions and alterations it requires to use it. Is there anyone out there who can, possibly explain in simple terms, how to use it to eliminate the surface noise?

  howard64 10:30 29 Dec 2009

I thought that there was an automatic clean option in audacity

  Graphicool1 14:11 29 Dec 2009

Open 'Audacity' import a track.
Highlight the track.
Move the cursor over 'Effect' (top of the page)
Click on 'Click Removal'
The drop down men will be entitled 'Click and Pop Removal'
Under 'Settings' you'll see two slide bars. You are told what each represents. Basically if you slide them to the left there'll be less effect and to the right more. Set the sliders...
and click 'Preview' and you'll hear the first few seconds of your track. If you are happy with the result click 'Remove Clicks' and it will do the entire track.

Play back the track, if you are happy with the result you can save it. If not change it some more. This applies to all effects and everything can be undone prior to your final save.

When it comes to saving choose 'Export As' and choose one of these...WAV, MP3 or OGG VORBIS and tell it where to save it to.

  thumbscrew 20:59 29 Dec 2009

Thanks both I'll get cracking and report back.

  stlucia 08:55 30 Dec 2009

With Audacity I normally leave the click removal settings on default, which is each slider somewhere around the middle. So, I would recommend you start there and see how it sounds.

  thumbscrew 17:44 31 Dec 2009

Ok,sheesh this is complex...I'd rather buy the remastered cd!! Graphicool, would you be so kind as to tell me how to import a track into Audacity? I've been trying and all I can come up with is an on screen wave form gizmo! Simplicity is what I need amigo..treat me like a five year old...thanks.

  hiwatt 18:30 31 Dec 2009

You can just drag the file into audacity or go to file/import audio and choose the file you wish to import.

  thumbscrew 19:11 31 Dec 2009

Thanks hiwatt, if you can just tell me where to find the file to drag into Audacity and where file/import audio is, I'd be obliged.

  hiwatt 19:39 31 Dec 2009

The file will be where ever you save it to.Ie My documents or desktop.I'm not familiar with the Ion Vinyl converter but it will creat an mp3 and this is the file you want to import into audacity to remove the clicks.The file section is on the top left hand corner of audacity.Highlight file and choose import audio.

  thumbscrew 03:44 01 Jan 2010

Thanks Hiwatt, no "Import Audio" under File top left, but there is under "Project". A box appeared...usual gobbledygook, one section said Itunes which is where Ion places the music.When I clicked on that, once again a screenwide waveform appeared???

  thumbscrew 04:06 01 Jan 2010

Also just noticed that none of the items under "Effect" respond to my mouse. If I hover as you stated, nothing happens, if I click on it, a grey rather than bold list appears...including "Click Removal", but if I click on any response.

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