ATX power supplies

  Wendy 20:06 22 Apr 2003

I bought my tower case in 1999, which came complete with power pack.

I am going to put in a new motherboard etc., and providing the voltage and amp are the same as specified in the motherboard manual, is it likley to still be in good shape? I've had no problems.

Or would it be wise to buy a new power pack?
Or is the answer as long as a piece of string!

  Rayuk 20:52 22 Apr 2003

Can you post details of power supply manufacturer wattage.You could try it with your new motherboard etc see if it works ok first.

  Gman 21:10 22 Apr 2003

The ATX standard will allow you to use your power supply with any ATX motherboard (Ie the standard). The only consideration you need to think about is the wattage you choose and this is dependant on how yo intend to use your PC. If you are a heavy games player and have an all singing graphics card you would need a higher wattage but if all you do is surf the net and use office products a smaller one will suffice. An average wattage falls between 450 watts is an average so you can work from that.

  Gongoozler 21:11 22 Apr 2003

Wendy, if you are planning to use an Intel P4 you will need a power supply with an extra connector specifically provided for that processor. If you are planning to use a much faster processor than your previous one you may need a more powerful supply. Give us more details of what you are upgrading from and to. As Rayuk says you may well get away with the old supply, but if it is underpowered the system may not work or may be unstable.

  Wendy 22:17 22 Apr 2003

I'm not an avid games player. I use mainly Office and surfing for info., though I do use stuff like Dreamweaver and Fireworks. My graphics card is Voodoo 2000. It still seems adequate for what I do. I just decided it was about time I upgraded and hopefully maybe speed up a little.

I currently have a celeron 400 and am upgrading to an AMDXP2000. I have bought new memory as well, to suit the motherboard.

I'm not planning to do it for a few days as I'm too busy just now. I can't exactly recall the present power wattage without going under the bonnet, but I think it was 300watt. For some reason the old motherboard manual doesn't mention it. The new one says at least 300watt.

I suppose it is a case of trying it, providing the old one is at least 300watt. I have just read that some power packs are supposed to last at least 100,000 hours! That works out at over 11 years at 24/7 !! If they're all like that I should be okay for wear and tear anyway.
Thanks for all the input - I do appreciate it very much when people are willing to lend a hand like this,

  Gongoozler 10:12 24 Apr 2003

Hi Wendy. I think a good quality 300 Watt supply could be ok for an AMD XP 2000, but there isn't much reserve. If you do get any stability problem, then I would suggest 400 Watts should cope more reliably. A good quality power supply should last many years. It's the cheap ones that skimp on things like cooling, protection and component ratings.

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