The Pretender 18:51 05 Jun 2003

After much research, (but obviously not enough!) I have just bought a new mobo (MSIK7N2G ILSR) which is described as ATX which I understood to be a common standard for case size. It is 31cm X 23cm which as my case is only 20cm wide is a bit of a problem! I would welcome some explanation as to where I went wrong and some pointers as to what case I need and where I can get one from (cheaply)

  MartinT-B 18:56 05 Jun 2003


You have a standard ATX mobo, but obviously not an ATX case.

You can pick cases up from about £20.00

Look in the back of PC mags, in PC fairs and on the internet. There are 100's of makes on the market.

It's like buying anything, there's a full range from cheap to standard to expensive to top-of-the-range.

unless you have a very modern bareone system i suspect you are measuring in the wrong direction.
the 23cm relates to the axis running from the front to the back of the case.

  hugh-265156 18:59 05 Jun 2003

the atx form factor is standard.there is mini atx and atx.both have the connectors in a position to line up with the i/o shield on the atx case.

some cases only fix mini atx mobos.

buy an atx tower case and you can fill anything in long as atx.

  hugh-265156 19:02 05 Jun 2003

some good videos on this might help click here look at "mobotherboard form factors"

  hugh-265156 19:04 05 Jun 2003

and ATX - Micro ATX Motherboard Design

they are all good info

  The Pretender 19:22 05 Jun 2003

2 points
1)I've seen lots of ads for ATX cases and they're all 20 cm wide, same as mine.
2)whichever way you measure 31cm X 23cm it's not going to fit into a case 20 cm wide.

I obviously need a case at least 24cm wide, can someone show me where there is one, I can't find any.

  barrie_g 19:28 05 Jun 2003

the mobo goes from front to back not across width wise, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong but I find it hard to believe that anyone is that dim, and suspect that someone is devining for water.

  barrie_g 19:30 05 Jun 2003

for anyone who thinks I'm being harsh, take out a ruler and see just how big 20cm is.

  MartinT-B 19:34 05 Jun 2003

8 inches.....!

  DieSse 19:36 05 Jun 2003

You can't have them both in front of you and seriously think they don't fit together.

A motherboard and case, in matching dimensions are approx

Width - case = 20cm, motherboard = 2 - 3cms, and with boards fitted 12-13 cm

Height - case 35-45cm, motherboard = 31cm

Depth - case = 35 cm, motherboard = 22 cm

What you're not doing is comparing like dimensions with like dimensions!

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