ATX 24 pin power supply connector

  fishmad pete 12:51 26 Apr 2005

I have an ASUS A8N-sli delux board which has a 24 pin atx power connector. My 650 Watt power supply has only 20 pins. I have run the computer useing this power supply and all seems fine. However concerned that the board requires these extra supplies to take the load off the printed circuit lines. Can any one confirm that it is ok to run this board using 20 pin connector only?

  Micro-Man 13:19 26 Apr 2005

You can buy 20 to 24 pin converters from CPC Ltd at Preston, (a subsidiary of Farnell) for a few quid. In fact most leads and adaptors are extremely cheap from them. Sadly there is a delivery charge for any orders under £30 but if you look at their special offers brochure, then you can quickly reach this price.

  fishmad pete 14:56 26 Apr 2005

Many thanks for info will visit site. My local shop states that you can only get a 24 pin to 20 pin lead. ie for changing power supply 24 pin plug down to a 20 pin plug!

  Micro-Man 10:40 27 Apr 2005

See click here page 47 part CS 1188701 at £3-75 offer price

  Micro-Man 13:08 27 Apr 2005

I've just noticed that the brochure had been divided down into .pdf sections and whilst it is page 47 in the brochure, it is actually listed as

  Joe R 13:10 27 Apr 2005

fishmad pete,

a lot of 24 pin connectors have a four pin section at one end which simply comes apart.

  Joe R 13:11 27 Apr 2005

sorry, never completed my post, there may be a four pin connector which will slip onto the end of your 20 pin connector.

  Micro-Man 13:12 27 Apr 2005

page 21 0f 26 in the .pdf document. It is also worth realising that the part number is likely to change to CS 11887 once the special offer expires.

  fishmad pete 13:34 27 Apr 2005

Many thanks for info. I have now purchased a cable and it should be on its way to me. I have also visited the ASUS web site and after delving deep into their frequently asked questions I eventually found that the board can run off a 20 pin power supply providing its a high current type and if the board is not being heavily loaded.

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