Attribute Seek Time Performance

  Catastrophe 08:01 06 Sep 2006


Attribute Seek Time Performance change from 248 to 249 (numbers not always ther same) OK

Any idea what this means please? and how to stop it?


  Catastrophe 08:44 06 Sep 2006

I should add that this is my internet connection PC running Win98SE.

  Catastrophe 09:36 06 Sep 2006

OK. I have found this:

Average performance of seek operations of the magnetic heads. If this attribute is decreasing, it is a sign of problems in the mechanical subsystem.

But what if it increasing?

  Catastrophe 10:36 06 Sep 2006

I have run Norton Disk Doctor twice including (first time) full disk scan. First time some fixes; second time none.

Immediately after this ASTP rose from 249 to 252. About 30 minss later it was showing 252 to 251.

Any ideas please?

  Catastrophe 10:57 06 Sep 2006

Belarc reports:

IC35L080AVVA07-0 [Hard drive] (82.35 GB) -- drive 1, s/n VNC402A4D35ULA, rev VA4OA52A, SMART Status: Healthy
Maxtor 6K040L0 [Hard drive] (41.11 GB) -- drive 0, s/n K10FCN6G, rev NAR61HA0, SMART Status: Healthy

Can anyone throw any light on this please?
Is one of my HDDs on the way out or not?

  DieSse 11:58 06 Sep 2006

*But what if it increasing?*

Increasing means slowing down - ie getting worse. They've worded the situation badly.

It means the performance of the drive has changed significantly enough to warrant informing you. It's not a huge change, however, but it is a change.

When and how did you get the warning?

Yes it is a sign of potential trouble - that's what SMART is there for - to warn you in advance of failure. That's not to say it is or isn't going to fail imminently, it's a warning. The prudent thing to do is to make sure you have proper backups and prepare to replace your drive sooner rather than later.

  Catastrophe 12:24 06 Sep 2006


Many thanks for that! It can change, both up and down, over a period of only minutes.

I am well over backed-up having recently made another 20 DVD backups much of which is duplicating previous DVDs. Also backed up to other PCs on my 5PC network which is there primarily for backup.


  Catastrophe 12:40 06 Sep 2006

DieSse - sorry about the extra s!

When and how did you get the warning?

To elaborate it has just started popping up in the last few days and, as I said, it can change up or down over a few minutes. This is running Win98SE. I keep this for internet, the others are XP home or professional.

  DieSse 12:40 06 Sep 2006

If you're running a SMART monitoring program - and it's showing relatively small changes from moment to moment - then perhaps you've got it set to give you unnecessary information on maybe insignificant changes, and there's really nothing seriously wrong. That's why I asked how you are getting the warnings - that can give a clue as to their relative importance.

SMART is a very useful tool - but it's results do need to be interpreted.

  Catastrophe 12:53 06 Sep 2006

Thanks again. I have not made any SMART settings changes - where would I find those to check please?

  Catastrophe 13:04 06 Sep 2006


OK. Thanks to you I think I have found the answer. I think I accidentakky clicked on a tray icon for Maxtor HDD Health (which I did not know I had). The log started yesterday and today's entries are for 01.59, 01.56, 07.46, 08.31, 08.46, 09.46, 10.16 and 12.01 (I left out the seconds). These show just the STPCs noted.

I will mark this as solved and I thank you for your kind assistance.


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