birkdalite 09:49 06 Feb 2004

I have recently bought and used a "B Tech" 3way scart box which works happily with my setup of satelite/tv/video/dvd,until I try to connect 2.1 sound system via sub woofer when every thing goes wonky clipping like mad.The only output from scart box is from phono sockets which are meant for headhones only which produce gross overload hence cloipping. I have tried a small mixer box to drop the load but not enough. Does any one know of a means of attenuating the signal enough to be acceptable by the speakers please?

  DieSse 09:55 06 Feb 2004

The phone sockets on a SCART box should be line-level - and not meant for headphones especially, but for general purpose use.

The distortion may be because the outputs are fed from several different sources at once (even if it's a switch box it may not switch the sound circuits) - which can ruin the impedance values.

Try it with a simple scart adapter (ie - no sharing box) first - it may be the actual box causing the problem.

  birkdalite 10:23 06 Feb 2004

DieSse Thanks for that however I have been in touch with B Tech who e/mailed me ( in red ink and capitals)that the sockets were at line level and must only be used for h/phones.Your suggestion to use a scart adapter frightens the living daylights out of me, theres such a rat's nest behind my tv I'm scared to touch any thing

  DieSse 10:28 06 Feb 2004

"line level and must only be used for h/phones"

That's just rubbish - line level is the standard audio signal interface that's commonly used between all audio components.

I routinely feed these signals into amplifiers, as their input sockets are to "line-in" specifications - my own one is done exactly like that.

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