Attempting wireless- do i have the right kit...

  collinsc 17:44 22 Aug 2007


i need asistance with setting up my wireless connection.

i have a wireless- g 2.4 ghz broadband router (54mbps)

we have tiscali broadband- currently using a sagem ADSL modem.(no ethernet port)

i was advised i needed a different modem so have also bought a BT voyager ADSL router with the ethernet port.

and i understand my aspire 5613 AWLMI is built in wireless. although i do have a card somewhere.

Do i have the right equipment to go wireless?

I believe i need to get a WPA key too- which is downloadable free from the net? (or produced from the start up disk?)


  postie24 19:05 22 Aug 2007

Yes you have the right equipment
Click start,in the run box,type in services.msc scroll down to wireless zero and make sure the service is running,you should see a wireless icon in the taskbar.
To set up the wireless connection,connect the laptop to the voyager with the ethernet cable.

When you installed the router software you may have an icon on your desktop calles hub manager,click that and that will take you to the router homepage.
If not you will need to enter the router homepage address in your browser address bar,i think for the voyager its
Once in the router settings,click advanced/wireless,you will be asked for username and passwords.Think its admin/admin.
You can now set up wpa encryption,choose one from here
click here
Write the key down.
Now enter the key and click apply.
Close the router homepage.
Right click the wireless icon,choose,view available networks.
Connect to yours and you will be prompted for the key which you wrote down,enter it twice,and you should be up and running

  collinsc 19:12 22 Aug 2007

thanks for info

why do i need to connect the laptop to the router with a cable?

as i have the sagem modem in now- what do i need to change when i put the bt router in>?
i tried it before- and i could not connect to the internet...

  postie24 19:17 22 Aug 2007

If you are up and running with the voyager,and all you want to do is the wpa,no you dont need the cable to set it up.
The cable is used at the initial set up to get an internet connection 1st so you can access the homepage.

  collinsc 19:26 22 Aug 2007

no - im up and running with the sagem.
so i need to follow what you say above then to hook up with the voyager yes?

will the change of modem affect the speed of the broadband?

does it matter what ISP we are with!?


  postie24 19:45 22 Aug 2007

A wireless connection will be slower,not that much tho.
It wont matter which ISP you are with.
Just a thought sometimes BT lock their routers so they can only be used with their broadband.
Was you not advised of this when you bought it?
All i can say is give it a go,if its locked,take it back and get a netgear one or a belkin.

  Strawballs 01:36 23 Aug 2007

Why would you say a wireless connection is slower? 802.11g is 54meg at it's slowest I don't know of any ISP that is faster than that.

  collinsc 08:02 23 Aug 2007

i bought it off a mate...

do i need to put in a diff code for dial up?
as i say- when i replaced the modedm with the BT voyager- it would not connect up straight away...

  postie24 12:32 23 Aug 2007

It can be slower because a wireless signal never stays constant,had wireless for years,its not as stable as being connected via ethernet.

  postie24 12:33 23 Aug 2007

Is the router locked to BT?

  collinsc 16:49 23 Aug 2007

i dont know..! how would i tell?

when i swapped them over before- it did not work straight away- so i panicked..! and put it back.

but a mate says i need to change some settings..?

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