attempting to migrate OS to a larger HDD :(

  six-h 17:08 07 Oct 2010

Really don't understand how to use ATI to do this!
Lappy running XP Pro on 3.2GB HDD:
Want to migrate to 20GB HDD from another Laptop not re-formatted, still has XP Home on it but is housed in a caddy at the mo.

Lappy has TI8 Personal edition "freebie" on it, but discovered that it doesn't have all the features...notably the one I need!..."Clone".

More things designed to cripple my attempts; laptop has only one USB (1.1) port, Drive caddy requires two USB connections!

Is it possible to do what I want with the resources available?

Maybe another way of skinning this moggie:-

My main PC has a bought and paid for copy of TI Home 2009 on it and a profusion of USB 2.0 sockets.
I also have two external HDD's available if needed besides the little one with the 20GB laptop drive in it.

Would it be possible/preferable to do this as a cloning from one external source (Laptop) to another, the spare 20GB drive (in the caddy)

  six-h 17:11 07 Oct 2010

Oh, and when interrogating the 3.2GB drive, I find that it's formatted FAT 32.

Can that be changed to NTFS in the process?

  robin_x 18:06 07 Oct 2010

I wonder if you can clone if you can only plug one hdd at once.

So make image(s) from 3.2GB and caddy to your main PC.
Use TI8 or try Paragon Backup and Recovery Free.
(which also takes Track0 MBR too)

click here

Plug the 20GB drive into caddy and make sure it has the same partions as you saw on 3.2GB drive and they are large enough and NTFS.

You might need to use Partition Wizard
click here

Use TI8 or Paragon to restore the image(s)

I think that will work.

Or have a look at the other utils in the links.

  six-h 15:48 18 Oct 2010

Hi Robin, sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but both machines and software have conspired against me!
I eventually had to image the original drive via USB 1.1 to an external 3.5 inch HDD, swap the new 20GB drive in to the laptop and using the Acronis boot CD, restore the image from the external drive back to the laptop's new drive.

I was led astray, by the ability of TI Home 2009 to "clone" a drive.
Only problem was that my PC could not read the laptop's drive at all when it was in the caddy, strange since it provided a perfectly healthy OS whilst in the Laptop!

I have achieved what I set out to do, but would dearly love to know why my PC is totally unable to "re-format" the old laptop drive now that it is in the caddy so that I can use it.

PS. The caddy is not faulty, as it happily accomodates the other laptop's drive.

  BRYNIT 16:29 18 Oct 2010

You could try Easeus Partition Master (Free)click here

  bjh 16:36 18 Oct 2010

You may find you need to disconnect one hard drive for first boot to the "new" windows, so there is only one os visible; it's also 'best' for simplicity to use Acronis from a boot CD.

The way I do it is to partition each hard drive, so I use
c: 1st as boot drive d: as partition store
e: as 2nd boot drive f: as partition store
I can then boot to c: or e: drives.

You are obviously a bit short of space for that...

So, what I'd do is partition the 20gig (say 14/6gig split). Write the ATI image to the smaller partition. Remove from caddy & stick just that drive in the computer. Boot from ATI cd, expand image to larger partition and, if required, resize the partition to occupy the whole 20 gig disk...

  bjh 16:37 18 Oct 2010

Sorry - re-reading your initial post, my description is not ideal... but does it give you some ideas?

  six-h 16:58 18 Oct 2010

Thanks bjh, if the drive were a bit bigger I would favour a seperate partition for the OS.
Though 20GB is Massive compared to the 3.2GB that was there before, I don't want to lose the space that the act of partitioning it will consume!

BRYNIT, I have got Paragon Partition Manager 2009 (Giveaway of the day some time ago!), would that be worth a try?
I never thought of using a "Partitioning" tool to do it!!

  bjh 18:19 18 Oct 2010

Don't forget, you can delete the partition completely after the transfer...especilly if you have Paragon....

  BRYNIT 19:06 18 Oct 2010

It wouldn't hurt.

Sometimes using a partition program is easier than using windows its self.

If Partition Manager is able to acknowledge the drive it should be able to format or even delete the partitions and then reformat the drive.

  six-h 20:44 18 Oct 2010

BRYNIT, Thanks, I'll give it a try.
I've also downloaded Easeus, try 'em both!

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