Snrub 23:27 24 Oct 2010

The following IP addresses were tagged as suspicious when I accessed my secure Bank Protected Website and were blocked. Akamai Technologies

I use Hosts File to prevent IP redirection which has not worked with these IP's. I have run Malwarebytes - nothing found.

Clearly an attempted IP redirection is occuring.

Any ideas please to prevent attempted redirections.

  Seadog 00:31 25 Oct 2010

Found this on a forum somewhere:
Akamai provides many IT services like application hosting, content delivery,
and streaming media services, but they are probably best known for their
massive distributed computer infrastructure. In lay terms, they have upwards
of 15,000+ servers positioned around the globe providing content (software
downloads, etc) and media (like QuickTime, RealAudio, or Windows Media
files) for their customers (the likes of Apple, GM, MTV, Department of
Defense, IBM, Microsoft,, Yahoo!, Adobe...).

So for instance, say your company developed a web site/application for use
by your customers. On this website, you wanted to make available a few
hundred moderate length video clips. If you intend your website to have even
moderate traffic, you will quickly realize the potentially prohibitive
time/energy/costs involved with building an infrastructure capable of
delivering this content - to make those files available reliably you'll need
lots of bandwidth, reliable servers with a backup strategy, redundant power
and A/C, lots of RAID-ed disk space, finely tuned security precautions, lots
of manpower to watch over everything, and on and on and on.

This is where Akamai comes in. They have the infrastructure already in place
to deliver these services. Companies can save money by having Akamai deliver
their content for them. Akamai has become so ubiquitous that it's hard to go
a day without (perhaps unknowingly) pulling at least some content off one of
their servers!

However reading some other posts, the seems as if it's also a big brother tracking program incorporated in Microsoft updates, maybe that is why the redirection is occurring and not being blocked - you are giving permission to install the updates. ???

  Seadog 00:45 25 Oct 2010

Sorry, not just Microsoft, but other software manufacturers also use Akamai Technologies, like Adobe - so it could be some software used in your website trying to access or be accessed by Akamai.

The protection on a friends home-made website picked up this Akamai deploy request and we did some exploration to find out what it was, it turned out to be in the graphics presentation program the site was using, but as his website is only a blog and photos he wasn't too worried in the end................

  Snrub 00:59 25 Oct 2010

Thanks seadog interesting, I have Microsoft updates on but so do most Windows users. I have read that Akamai is a 'server overflow refferer' so it's possible that my bank might be redirecting the IP during periods of high demand.

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