An attempted Hack from a Backbone>?? Uh

  Gaz 25 14:48 09 Feb 2003

My firewall picked up an IP address that was a hack it tried 24 times to connect to my PC.

The IP is:

I found out that it is registerd to ConeXioN Corp. or something. Some of it is private. Coming from Nombres Telecomunications in Spain.
And one odd thing it is connected with various nodes (backbones in this case) that IP address. is it's hostname.

And the backbone is, Santa Clara (I think), CA.

Then I got to find that the nodes on the network were other backbones, all registered under this hackers 213-99-69-223 IP address.

Can anyone else find anything about it, this is all what my firewall did.

I think whoever it is has connection illigally to a backbone, can someone help me please?


I need to know more about this hacker to do anything says my ISP so this is why I am doing this, can anyone do some traces on it for me. Thanks

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