attempt to fix mouse

  project 90 17:22 06 Sep 2010

ok i've got an old g5 mouse it just broke about 2 weeks ago and got the new g500, it was just the RMB that went on old mouse,
so i'm going to have a shot at fixing it took the mouse apart took some photos incase i forget how it went, took the little circuit board off.

now the circuit board got 2 layers to it the bottom layer is held to the top by whar seems to be 12 solder dots obviously there soldered on to some connection prons giong through the board.

if am really careful can i remove solder with a soldering iron take the to boards apart romve the broken switch replace with new 1 got off ebay same model number ect ect. Then re solder back together and mouse works.

does this sound like it should work?

many thanks for any input left :D

  mooly 17:27 06 Sep 2010

Two layers, solder dots and prongs ;)

Nothing to do with a mouse, but here's how to work on SMD (surface mount devices).

click here

If it's just the switch that's duff then yes, it should all work if you replace it carefully.

  Diemmess 18:10 06 Sep 2010

If fiddling with reluctant circuits is a happy way of spending your time and a circuitboard mounted switch needs replacement as mooley says it is possible to DIY.

Yonks ago when IC chips were the thing to play with I bought a de-solder pump click here

If you buy one you will already have spent more than the replacement cost of a new mouse, but Hey that's the way of those who won't be defeated so easily.

The solder sucker I called it then, is cocked and once the solder point has melted the nozzle is pressed on that spot and a button squeezed. Instant disappearance of the solder insde the pump and removed later.

If you like to save money, get a lung full of air and (the clever bit) put your lips as close to the hot solder as you dare and blow!
With luck you can shift most of the hot solder into a spray that can be picked off the circuit board, but I prefer the pump!

The downside of blowing is either blistered lips or more likely - try again.

  onthelimit 18:11 06 Sep 2010

Is it really worth the hassle when new ones are so cheap?

  project 90 16:22 07 Sep 2010

thanks guys sounds like fun :D

and yes onthelimit it is i had a few $ in my pay pal account and the switches were $5 for 2 and $3 postage to uk from usa obviously.

as i said i already got new mouse but i was hoping to have this as a spare and may aswell have a go as i just got $8 to loose and some of my time :D

if i fail no big deal i throw it out and sell the rest on flea bay sure some 1 wil buy it :D

  project 90 20:52 15 Oct 2010

just an update to you guys, i eventually got the switches, got a guy to de solder the board apart he used some sort of copper strip with a chemical on it and it came straight off, fixed it up and back together only for it not to work :(

so its binned.

  mooly 07:48 16 Oct 2010

Thanks for updating the thread... pity it didn't work. The copper stuff is solder braid... just copper platted together and soaked in flux. It works well.

  robin_x 10:14 16 Oct 2010

Nothing wrong with learning how to solder and desolder. It is so easy to destroy a PTH or component even when you know what you are doing.
(PTH=the hole that was mentioned=Plated Through Hole)

Keep at it and aim for a promotion to Joe90 or Brains.

  Diemmess 10:25 16 Oct 2010

A pity about the old mouse. They are surprisingly sensitive to mishandling electonically and can die at a misplaced brush contact.

Interesting to hear you took some photos to be sure of accurate reconnection.
That is a wise thing to do if only because you can see how the cables were routed and which "red wire" went where ... another blessing of a digital camera.
It saved my bacon when replacing a tape deck on a fancy but old Roberts cassette radio.

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