Attack of the Clones!

  JR74 22:28 10 Apr 2005

Last night i foolishly decided to clone my laptop onto an external HD (Win98 and norton systemworks 2005), which i had used as an overflow for files and photos! i now discover it has overwritten all the data on the external drive, is it lost forever? When you explore the disk in "My Computer" it states 18GB is used but the clone image cannot be any larger than 4-5GB, i guess the difference must include the photos but is there any way at all to get to them? Please help.

  LastChip 23:10 10 Apr 2005

click here

I haven't tried it, so cannot vouch for its effectiveness, but it's worth a try. I also don't know if it will deal with an external drive. I have downloaded it myself and checked it for viruses and it's reportedly clean.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work, do a search yourself for file recovery software, because you may even be able to use a commercial application on a trail period long enough to recover your data.

  LastChip 23:14 10 Apr 2005

click here

This is meant to be for "removable media". Whether that includes hard drives or not, who knows!

  Starfox 23:20 10 Apr 2005

Try this I know it does work some of the time click here

And this one is reputed to be good click here

Both free by the way.

  LastChip 01:14 11 Apr 2005

Decided to have a little play with this, which is the same program that Starfox suggested in his first link.

It's impressive and powerful. It will even allow you to save to a network drive, which is brilliant for a freebie.

I plugged in a USB pen drive and it recognised it - no problem, so hopefully, you may get back a fair proportion of what you lost. Clearly the part of the drive that has been overwritten will not be recoverable, but the rest......

Good luck.

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