Attachments not opening

  Pip58 21:16 27 Sep 2005

I have received an e-mail with an attachment from a friend. It is safe but when I try to open the attachment all I get are boxes with little red crosses in the top left-hand corners. Can anyone advise me what the problem is please?

  VoG II 21:28 27 Sep 2005

What type of file is it (what is the file extension?).

  Pip58 21:40 27 Sep 2005

Hi VoG - sorry but I am "green" as far as computers are concerned but the name of the attachment is as follows:


does that make any sense to you?

  VoG II 21:46 27 Sep 2005

1) Make sure that you are still connected to the internet whilst trying to view this.

2) In Outlook Express, Tools|Options, Security tab. Untick 'Block images ...'.

  Pip58 22:00 27 Sep 2005

Hi VoG - have followed what you have said but cannot find "block images....etc" on security tab...........sorry!

  Pip58 22:46 27 Sep 2005

Any other suggestions for help on this would be greatly appreciated please. Thanks

  Quiet Life 23:08 27 Sep 2005

Go back and try again!
Outlook Express\ Tools \Options . Under heading transfer of images untick Block images .........

  Quiet Life 23:11 27 Sep 2005

Sorry missed out Security Tab after options.
Instructions given by VoG were correct.
I can only think you did not clik on Security Tab as there is no way you could miss the Block images ........

  powerless 23:22 27 Sep 2005

click here [and just wait a few seconds, for it to load]

Ummm the attachment? Is is a webpage? If it is and it has been sent from your friends computer and only that html page, then you won't see anything. You'll need to grab the images [probably in a folder of its own] to view everything. from your friend!

  Thalmus 23:25 27 Sep 2005

What did you use to create that?

  powerless 23:28 27 Sep 2005

Come to think of it, the block images option is only available in XP SP2 is it not? [waits to be corrected].

Do you have Windows XP Pro/Home with Service Pack 2?

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