roza44 21:47 24 Nov 2009

Today I recieved two emails with attachments (they were fom a friend, so I knew they were safe) When I tried to open them, instead of real player opening up,it opened up itunes. I then realized they showed on attachment as music. Of course I couldn't open them, so I tried a system restore. That didn't make any difference so I have just tried to do another restore from further back but it wont let me . When I click on any of the bold dates nothing happens. I know neither of these attacments were music, I just ran a full scan ( I use McAfee security suite) just incase but it didn't find anything. Can any one help please?

  peter99co 22:04 24 Nov 2009

Email the friend and ask what they sent to you. Explain your problem.

It is best to right click on attachments and you should be able to scan or save to a folder etc.

If you still have the attachments on the mail give it a try. If you manage to save and they are able to show Properties you may then work out which program you need to open them.

If a scan shows a problem item just delete the mails.

  peter99co 22:08 24 Nov 2009

A system restore will not change documents files or folders. It is not supposed to. It is only for software problems/program and driver type issues which have caused a system error of some kind and will take you back to a working state before the error occured.

  roza44 23:09 24 Nov 2009

I did contact the friend, but she had already deleted them. I got another friend, that I knew she had sent it to also, to forward it to me. he said he opened it no prob, it was a pic. But when I got it, it was the same thing, itunes. I did try sending myself an email with attachment and that opened properly.

  roza44 23:13 24 Nov 2009

I did try opening with different things,from adobe to real player, to no avail. I got sick of it and deleted them.

  wee eddie 02:55 25 Nov 2009

You have set .jpg to open with ITunes.

Right Click > Select "Open with" > choose a suitable program

  roza44 10:01 25 Nov 2009

No, I haven't changed any settings, they showed up as itunes on the email. i did try to open with the different programmes but nothing worked. I deleted them, so will have to wait till I get another email with attachment now.

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