Attachment wont open unless saved first.

  Sparkly 14:28 15 Apr 2012

Hi all can anyone help with this? I have been getting some work sent to me in Works as an attachment when i click on the download attachment i am asked “Do i want to open or save it”. I click on open but get this message each time word opens,

This file requires a newer version of Microsoft Works Converter than is currently on your system. Do you want to download the new converter so you can work with the file?

I say yes to download the new converter and save it then run it and im told the the new converter has been installed, but with no difference, it still wont open. I save the file sent to me and it will open in word with no problem it is just when i click open the attachment word give me the same message. It is a MS Works file but do not have it installed on my PC, it opens in word. Any thoughts?

  Terry Brown 14:58 15 Apr 2012

If the sender is using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, I don't think Works will reconise it.

Try downloading a free office program like

as this should open it OK.

The problem is that Works is now an old program and (as far as I am aware) no longer supported.


  wiz-king 16:10 15 Apr 2012

The later versions of Works used a cut-down version of Word but earlier versions are not compatible with Word hence the need for a converter. You may have the same problems with the Woks spreadsheets. Just save it, then work on it in Word.

  Sparkly 17:20 15 Apr 2012

Terry Brown wiz-king thanks guys will give the open office a try. Many thanks.

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