Attaching keyboard to portable?

  Simsy 15:38 29 Jun 2003

Hi chums,

A question on behalf of my sister who is thinking about getting a new PC....

She's not sure whether to get a portable/notebook or a desktop,(i.e. non portable.)....

It seems that one of the considerations is the use of mouse and keyboard if a portable is opted for....

I believe I'm correct in saying that, generally speaking, most portables will allow you to connect a "proper" mouse, so you don't have to use the finger tracking thingy.... can anyone correct me on that?

Is the same true of keyboards? She is comfortabel with the "proper" keyboard she has and wants to know if it could be connected to a portable?

Thanks in anticipation,



  barrie_g 16:09 29 Jun 2003

Yes, your sister should be able to do this without any problems, at the very worst she might need to get a usb mouse and keyboard.

  Megatyte 18:50 29 Jun 2003

Every notebook I've seen allows for the connection of keyboard, mouse and monitor. Some of them have twin PS2(keboard/mouse), some only one. If only one is available and both are needed you can use a PS2 'Y' adaptor or connect a serial mouse.


  Belatucadrus 18:57 29 Jun 2003

click here for a laptop splitter cable, I use one to connect a keyboard and mouse when I know I'm going to spend some time on the laptop, the ergonomics are much better than using the integrated keyboard and pad.

  Simsy 21:14 29 Jun 2003

That information will be very useful in the decision making process!



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