Attached USB, PC shut down, won't turn on, nothing.! Help please

  Tryin ard! 20:48 10 May 2012

Hi all,

Hope you can help me, attached a USB hub fresh from the bay, once USB was in the PC shut down instantly, like I had pulled the plug out.

Power switch does click but nothing happens. Have swapped PSU, no change, do have the small LED on the mobo on, getting 5.4v through the loom, tried shorting the switch pins but nothing, have pulled cleaned and replaced CPU, nothing.

I'm running out of knowledge and talent fast, what else to check?

This is my PC for surfing, watching films etc, doesn't see high end games or anything taxing, so it's not something I can say has been bothering it.

Dell dimension 3000, 2gb ram, audigy2, wifi card and everything else is oem, P4 HT 2.99ghz chip.

I'm game to try all that I can, your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Mark.

  woody 20:53 10 May 2012

Have you removed the usb hub?

  Tryin ard! 21:08 10 May 2012

yes, straight away. as soon as I realised that the pc was off I pulled the USB out.

  robin_x 21:29 10 May 2012

A quick search for USB short reveals that USB is supposed to be protected, but maybe the pins are bent now and still touching.

Maybe you measured different 5V rail?

I only read the first couple of results and have no idea apart from that.

Hope it helps, Good luck.

  robin_x 21:31 10 May 2012

Edit: disconnect USB at motherboard end and try rebooting.

  lotvic 21:33 10 May 2012

Take the Harddrive out (to keep it safe from harm) before you attempt anything else.

Found lots of info, copy and paste following into google:

USB hub shorted out pc?

  Tryin ard! 21:40 10 May 2012

Tried disconnecting the internal loom for the USB in question, nothing.

Now searching as per, thanks.

  Tryin ard! 22:12 10 May 2012

Just emailed the seller on the bay, what are the chances of getting a new mobo out of them?

I still have the "once plugged in and blew everything usb hub" but I aint going to plug it into anything else am I?

Hopefully they'll see sense, we'll see.

Any more test I can do? Got a fluke multimeter sitting here and plenty of tools.

  lotvic 23:21 10 May 2012

Found an interesting vid of testing the Power Supply for the usb hub (not suggesting you do that, but do wonder if that's what shorted and caused the problem with your pc) read the comments below vid.

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