Att Diodorus Sioulus.( Word processing package)

  tonyx1302 16:36 02 Sep 2004

ARE YOU OUT THERE D.S.Please. I have just gone back to your original thread dated 25/2/04 re. freeware for W.P. I am now in the same position, looking for a basic word processing package and am wondering which one you decided on and has it worked okay. I want one purely for letter writing but refuse to pay the silly price for Windows Office.

Many thanks


  Taff36 16:59 02 Sep 2004

Wait for Dio`s responce but click here will get you an Open Office Suite. No personal experience but others do say it`s satisfactory for their needs and it`s free. It`s available on the PC Advisor DVD Rom Issue 111 October 2004.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:33 02 Sep 2004

Breitling - yes, I am out here somewhere...

I went with OpenOffice as mentioned above and it is excellent - a large download though so if you are on dialup, it may be beyond your patience to download it.

If you want it, mail me and I will send it to you on a CD.

I also tried AbiWord and still have it installed:click here it's good too.

  tonyx1302 09:53 03 Sep 2004

Many thanks for coming back. I am on B.B and looked at OpenOffice through Google but felt it was a 'sledgehammer to crack a nut' senario, so have opted for your Abiword link.

Thanks also Taff 36 for your kind imput.

Must go now. Letters to type !


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