Atomic Clock problem in XP Pro in Limited account

  BillySilly 19:43 25 Nov 2008

I use a freeware clock dsclock.exe Vn 2.2 that I like because it configurable.
I have no problem syncronising this if I login to Windows using an account with Administrator privileges. I usually use one of the default timesevers in Berlin.
I want to login using a Limited account, for security when on the Internet. When I do this I get the message 'Unable to set system time'
I thought this might be because of my Windows firewall but making an exemption for the dsclock program makes no difference. Nor does setting up a SNTP protocol by adding a port number 123 with port name SNTP and selecting UDP.
I have also tried a UK timeserver using NPL.
I have configured the SNTP port using Edit - Change Scope and set the website to the NPL IP address of,255,255,255 but it still doesn't work on a Limited account!
What am I doing wrong?

  brundle 20:26 25 Nov 2008

It's not a configuration issue, only Admins can change the system time.

  BillySilly 20:47 26 Nov 2008

Maybe, but the dsclock help says:-
If your computer is located behind a firewall, you should contact your firewall administrator to configure the firewall to allow SNTP protocol messages. (Port 123)'
which implies that a non-Administrator can syncronize the clock

  recap 22:13 26 Nov 2008

I think you are reading in to the help message wrongly BillySilly, brundle is correct. Only administrator can alter the system clock. Once the system clock has been changed by the administrator it would automatically sync with all users. Giving a limited account holder permissions to reset the system clock could lead to all sorts of problems with all users.

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